Are You Affraid of the Tan?


I have been using alot of brightening products because as someone who has dry skin and medium deep complexion, my skin can look dull easily. On top of that, I have a bad habit of picking up on my zits which leave a nasty spot on my face.

While brightening products are great in evening out my complexion and making it look brighter but continous use will make my tone a little flat.

In an attempt to give back a little warm to my face, I’m trying out this Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow which not only is an exfoliating toner pad but also supposedly imparts glow (tan) to your skin when using it.

While it might be too orange-y for paler complexion, when I used it, it doesn’t make my complexion deeper nor orange. I have cool tone it should be obvious. It gives a bit of warmth to the skin and even people with several tonea lighter than me would love the glow it imparts to the skin.

I used it for 5 days straight and twice a week after that. I’m happy with the result which supposedly delivered by the existence of vitamin D in its ingredients list.

What I noticed is that there’s a yellowish tint in the pad that sort of reansferred onto the skin but prolonged exposures to it will give that warmth to the skin.

It has added anti aging properties and of course mild exfoliating effect. My only beef is the price: $35 for 20 wipes! That’s only enough for a month!

Are You Affraid of the Tan?

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