How I Come to Understand That Insurance Is Truly Important

In my current line of work I’ve dealt with many ways of gamification for the use of training & development – mostly, from the conceptor point of view. Gamification is often used because when you’re presented with theories most often than not you will forget all about it instantly. While gamification works because your mind is more perceptive and ‘open’ when you’re doing the game and whatever you get from the game get ingrained into your brain and it will stay there most indifinitely.

I have not tried this from the receiving end, or as the student or participant, until I attend the Cigna Smart Money event.

Ibu Mike, a financial planner, gives us a glimpse of how important it is for us to plan our finances so that we spend it accordingly – according to our capacity and budget. Also within this financial planning sometimes we’re faced with unplanned events such as health related problems, natural disaster or accident – which we actually don’t want to think about and have no control of. What we can control is the financial safety net when disasters like one of these strike, by ‘investing’ in insurance. Other than that you know all the drill about passive income that will make your life much easier. Surprisigly, unlike any other financial seminar that I previously attended, the financial planner only scratch the surface of the issue and talk in a very relax manner in under 15 minutes!

The next 1 hour we spent it playing ‘Smart Money’ board game.


It’s basically a monopoly kind of board game where you could choose your profession. I was an architect.


I have a set of information of my income, my assets and my loans – including mortgage and credit card, or any other loan if any.


This information were transferred to a ledger to monitor monthly expenditures.

At the beginning of the game, like any other monopoly game, I got a set of cash for my spending – whether I want to take up an investment offer such as stocks, properties or others.


The opportunities that came our way depended on which box we landed after we roll the dice. Sometimes it could be a great investment offer that is short term or insurance offer, buying lucrative properties or market news that could be beneficial for investors. The bad news is when you get the ‘oops’ card that really resembles real life unplanned expenses such as you need to chip in for a family member’s wedding, fired from a job or you get into a bad accident.

After an hour and one ‘musibah’ that cut my cashflow into half I suddenly understand that insurance is important if you want your finances to be trouble free when these kind of things happened. People doesn’t always need to rely on their day job to get income, in fact some of the most lucrative income come from your invesment.

And you know what! Much to my surprise at the end of the session we only summarised lesson learned from the game. Not a single mention of Cigna or hard sell on their product but I came home with a determination to get a health insurance with Cigna!

Well done @Cigna_ID you’ve done an excellent job in swaying my opinion your way!

How I Come to Understand That Insurance Is Truly Important

What Do I Think of the Laneige BB Cushion?

Yes I haven’t tried the BB cushion! What is wrong with me!

BB anything has never really been in my radar solely because they’re hopeless in terms of shade. All I can see is pale shade and even paler shade. What makes it worst is that they tend to have beige undertone. Who on earth have beige undertone? It really makes your skin appear greyish.

Because I went to the Laneige beauty workshop held by Female Daily last weekend, I got to try some of their best seller products.


I tried their darkest shade and even on the cushion I know it’s tad to light for me. I only need one pat at the cushion and divide it to five points on my face and it’s enough.

Here are couple of notes:

1. Though the shade is tad too light but somehow it doesn’t look whitish on my face and sort of blend in. I just need to apply darker tone powder or powder that is exactly my tone. It sort of makes my face appear fresh.
2. You really need to buff the sponge around real quick for that silky and dewy finish otherwise it’s going to be real patchy.
3. I’m surprised that it has a medium-deep coverage!
4. The sponge itself is sort of a miracle! I need one.

What Do I Think of the Laneige BB Cushion?

This Gucci Powder Truly Feels Like Luxury!


How can you resist this! It’s seriously beautiful.

Several months ago Gucci joined the band of designers that release their makeup and beauty line and in their first go launched quite an extensive collection. I’m talking a full range of makeup from face, eyes and lips with cornucopia of colours. Insane! It makes me want to part with my entire monthly paycheck so that I can dive into their collection ala Paman Gober and his gold coins.

It’s manufacture by P&G Prestige, which at one point originally responsible for Anna Sui makeup – now they’re under Albion, even more interesting!

Anyway, I picked up this Luxe Finishig Powder since I don’t really own a powder – loose or compact. Such a big surprise isn’t it? I used a really light pink blush for overall face powder.

It has all the luxury feel to jt. From the monogrammed black box, velvet pouch to the casing.


It’s black and sleek with huge Gucci monogram in it. A friend actually said the packaging is kind of old. Right. That’s just an eye opener statement that makes me realise how nowadays I tend to gravitate to a simpler plain packaging that need to have a bit of luxe feel to it. Case in point Chanel and Tom Ford packaging.


Inside the compact you’ll find a slim brush that you can use for touch up. It’s quite soft and not too small, as long as you can be light handed and manage a short stroke, you’ll do fine. But there’s no denying it will not match your favourite MAC, Hakuhodo and the rest of the face brush fleet that you worship. It’s just convenient.


As for the powder. It probably took me two full weeks before I have the courage to scratch the surface of this beautiful powder. That monogram!

It gives a semi-matte finish that resembles Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder, but Chanel is way more matte and have a bit more coverage. Great staying power and even better than La Mer The Powder. A bit of sheen and not shimmer. The moment that I start using this is also the moment I start usig the much raved about La Mer The Powder and I can say I love this more as this has a more semi-matte finish and not glowy like La Mer. Of course for special occassions that requires abit of glow I would reserve the spot for La Mer.

This Gucci Powder Truly Feels Like Luxury!

A Quick Lookover On My Current Skincare Arsenal


I need to do this more often so that I don’t forget my mix of skincare at any given time. So that when the time comes to write a full review for FD I still have something to fallback onto.

Right. So this is currently my skincare arsenal. It’s a mix of Korean and Western skincare: double cleansing, double toning, first essence, the right serum mixing all the necessary and of course hydration.

Just some of the highlights.

Double cleansing and avoiding SLS makes my skin condition way better. Less sensitive and of course after cleansing feels all supple.

Double toning provides the base of daily exfoliation and hydration. My skin appears clearer and healthier because all the dead skin cells lifted up and it’s properly hydrated.

First essence, I’m using my favourite History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence that is just great in keeping my skin in its normal condition. Just a note that in keeping my haywire hormones at bay and doesn’t flare up in the skin I need to use it way in advance and not too close to the PMS period.

The Indeed Laboratories products are Caroline Hirons recommendation and need I say more? Perhaps I come across better brightening products but they cost way way more. Whereas for the Hydraluron and Retinol Resurface, they’re an absolute must! I love thr texture and finish. As well as how silky soft and supple my skin feels. As for the jelly, OMG I’m in love with the jelly texture. It’s bouncy, easily absorbed and hydrating. But I still can’t use it together with Hydraluron, it feels a tad too rich. But maybe I need to reasses my combination.

Oh, I almost forgot! I actually have a sunscreen which is Menard Fairlucent Day Cream which is my favourite. It’s a board spectrum sunscreen that is waterproof. Love!

A Quick Lookover On My Current Skincare Arsenal

Which Blush Do I Wear Today? Pink? Coral?


I always have this dilema of what blush to wear after I finished my eye makeup.

Ok, should I wear cool or warm blusn? Should I wear pink or coral? Eventhough my blushes collection is dominated by cool pink, I still face this dilema every day. Go figure!

It’s not until I found this Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour #301 that my life gets a little less complicated. It has both pink and coral in one pan. Lovely subtle shimmer and it creates great dimension of pink and coral on my cheek that will allow to go harmoniously with both warm and cool tone makeup.

Swipe your brush in circular motion across the pan and apply lighthandedly, this blush is quite pigmented. I would add depth and intensity in the second application to the cheek.

I have one thing that I don’t like about this blush. I don’t like to ruin the rose pattern! It’s so pretty!

As for staying power, it lasts up to 6 hours and fade a bit after that but you will still see nice transparent pinkish coral glow on your cheeks.

Which Blush Do I Wear Today? Pink? Coral?

Throwback: Colourful Makeup


Way back when I was young(er) and the world around me was filled with people in black suits and light coloured shirt, I used to experiment with makeup way more than now.

If you see me now, I barely use any colour on my face except for the lips. Which is a complete opposite of before where I would go crazy on eyes and cheeks, opt for nude for the lips.

So what’s with the shift in style?

I guess working in the industry, finally, and not be constrained in terms of what I can wear and really have that freedom to wear – cloth and makeup wise – I really didn’t feel the challenge and excitement anymore.

Also, as I get older, I pay more attention to skincare more so that it is to makeup. And I thought it’s such a waste that afterall that skincare I’m covering up my skin with makeup.

I think change is good.

Throwback: Colourful Makeup

My New Precious! *

*Before I begin my post I just want to put a disclaimer that the title should be read in the most Gollum-ish possible way that you can because this one product that I’m about to write is truly precious! Quite literally.

I’ve been a big fan of Kiko since my mom bought me their lipstick. Though I didn’t really venture to their other products, because I can’t really find anything else that I don’t yet owned in my makeup stash but I can vouch that their eyeshadow is to die for! I haven’t strike off Kiko other products completely from my list.

But when they launched their Luxurious collection which is quite small limited edition launch, I knew I got to have the ‘Precious Illuminating Bronzer’.

Precious truly deserves its name because the gold plastic packaging is truly pretty and it doesn’t look flimsy though it’s made out of plastic material. It’s not heavy at all as well. It’s enveloped in a black grossgrain pouch that’ll protect the casing should you decide to put it inside your makeup pouch.


The product itself looks ever so pretty in the pan. It’s a combination of four colours: two bronze variations, nude and lavender powder. It has neutral tone and not too deep in shade. Which is why it’s truly perfect for every skintone. Eventhough I have medium deep tone, but having a cool complexion means something that is too orange or gold will make my skin looks greyish. Which is certainly not the case with this product.

Especially with the combination of lavender, this powder gives a nice brightening effect to a dull complexion.

As for me, my medium-deep tone means I can use it as an allover finishing powder or just in replacement of the usual powder. I swipe my brush allover the pan to mix the colours together and swipe it acroas my face. Would it surprise you that I currently don’t have a normal powder – loose or compact – at my disposal? But of course, that’s about to change.

Anyway, this illuminating bronzer gives a nice glow, add warmth to my complexion and doesn’t look too shimmery. I’m in love!

My New Precious! *

What You Need For Important Presentation Day


Is a kick ass red lipstick, such as this one from Giorgio Armani called Hollywood or otherwise known as #400.

I’ve previously post a swatch and comparison on this lipstick, scroll down for a bit.

But when your red lipstick is this perfect, even when you forgot your wallet, everything else will fall into its place.

And good luck for me! *crossing my fingers*

What You Need For Important Presentation Day