My New Precious! *

*Before I begin my post I just want to put a disclaimer that the title should be read in the most Gollum-ish possible way that you can because this one product that I’m about to write is truly precious! Quite literally.

I’ve been a big fan of Kiko since my mom bought me their lipstick. Though I didn’t really venture to their other products, because I can’t really find anything else that I don’t yet owned in my makeup stash but I can vouch that their eyeshadow is to die for! I haven’t strike off Kiko other products completely from my list.

But when they launched their Luxurious collection which is quite small limited edition launch, I knew I got to have the ‘Precious Illuminating Bronzer’.

Precious truly deserves its name because the gold plastic packaging is truly pretty and it doesn’t look flimsy though it’s made out of plastic material. It’s not heavy at all as well. It’s enveloped in a black grossgrain pouch that’ll protect the casing should you decide to put it inside your makeup pouch.


The product itself looks ever so pretty in the pan. It’s a combination of four colours: two bronze variations, nude and lavender powder. It has neutral tone and not too deep in shade. Which is why it’s truly perfect for every skintone. Eventhough I have medium deep tone, but having a cool complexion means something that is too orange or gold will make my skin looks greyish. Which is certainly not the case with this product.

Especially with the combination of lavender, this powder gives a nice brightening effect to a dull complexion.

As for me, my medium-deep tone means I can use it as an allover finishing powder or just in replacement of the usual powder. I swipe my brush allover the pan to mix the colours together and swipe it acroas my face. Would it surprise you that I currently don’t have a normal powder – loose or compact – at my disposal? But of course, that’s about to change.

Anyway, this illuminating bronzer gives a nice glow, add warmth to my complexion and doesn’t look too shimmery. I’m in love!

My New Precious! *

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