Throwback: Colourful Makeup


Way back when I was young(er) and the world around me was filled with people in black suits and light coloured shirt, I used to experiment with makeup way more than now.

If you see me now, I barely use any colour on my face except for the lips. Which is a complete opposite of before where I would go crazy on eyes and cheeks, opt for nude for the lips.

So what’s with the shift in style?

I guess working in the industry, finally, and not be constrained in terms of what I can wear and really have that freedom to wear – cloth and makeup wise – I really didn’t feel the challenge and excitement anymore.

Also, as I get older, I pay more attention to skincare more so that it is to makeup. And I thought it’s such a waste that afterall that skincare I’m covering up my skin with makeup.

I think change is good.

Throwback: Colourful Makeup

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