Which Blush Do I Wear Today? Pink? Coral?


I always have this dilema of what blush to wear after I finished my eye makeup.

Ok, should I wear cool or warm blusn? Should I wear pink or coral? Eventhough my blushes collection is dominated by cool pink, I still face this dilema every day. Go figure!

It’s not until I found this Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour #301 that my life gets a little less complicated. It has both pink and coral in one pan. Lovely subtle shimmer and it creates great dimension of pink and coral on my cheek that will allow to go harmoniously with both warm and cool tone makeup.

Swipe your brush in circular motion across the pan and apply lighthandedly, this blush is quite pigmented. I would add depth and intensity in the second application to the cheek.

I have one thing that I don’t like about this blush. I don’t like to ruin the rose pattern! It’s so pretty!

As for staying power, it lasts up to 6 hours and fade a bit after that but you will still see nice transparent pinkish coral glow on your cheeks.

Which Blush Do I Wear Today? Pink? Coral?

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