A Quick Lookover On My Current Skincare Arsenal


I need to do this more often so that I don’t forget my mix of skincare at any given time. So that when the time comes to write a full review for FD I still have something to fallback onto.

Right. So this is currently my skincare arsenal. It’s a mix of Korean and Western skincare: double cleansing, double toning, first essence, the right serum mixing all the necessary and of course hydration.

Just some of the highlights.

Double cleansing and avoiding SLS makes my skin condition way better. Less sensitive and of course after cleansing feels all supple.

Double toning provides the base of daily exfoliation and hydration. My skin appears clearer and healthier because all the dead skin cells lifted up and it’s properly hydrated.

First essence, I’m using my favourite History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence that is just great in keeping my skin in its normal condition. Just a note that in keeping my haywire hormones at bay and doesn’t flare up in the skin I need to use it way in advance and not too close to the PMS period.

The Indeed Laboratories products are Caroline Hirons recommendation and need I say more? Perhaps I come across better brightening products but they cost way way more. Whereas for the Hydraluron and Retinol Resurface, they’re an absolute must! I love thr texture and finish. As well as how silky soft and supple my skin feels. As for the jelly, OMG I’m in love with the jelly texture. It’s bouncy, easily absorbed and hydrating. But I still can’t use it together with Hydraluron, it feels a tad too rich. But maybe I need to reasses my combination.

Oh, I almost forgot! I actually have a sunscreen which is Menard Fairlucent Day Cream which is my favourite. It’s a board spectrum sunscreen that is waterproof. Love!

A Quick Lookover On My Current Skincare Arsenal

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