This Gucci Powder Truly Feels Like Luxury!


How can you resist this! It’s seriously beautiful.

Several months ago Gucci joined the band of designers that release their makeup and beauty line and in their first go launched quite an extensive collection. I’m talking a full range of makeup from face, eyes and lips with cornucopia of colours. Insane! It makes me want to part with my entire monthly paycheck so that I can dive into their collection ala Paman Gober and his gold coins.

It’s manufacture by P&G Prestige, which at one point originally responsible for Anna Sui makeup – now they’re under Albion, even more interesting!

Anyway, I picked up this Luxe Finishig Powder since I don’t really own a powder – loose or compact. Such a big surprise isn’t it? I used a really light pink blush for overall face powder.

It has all the luxury feel to jt. From the monogrammed black box, velvet pouch to the casing.


It’s black and sleek with huge Gucci monogram in it. A friend actually said the packaging is kind of old. Right. That’s just an eye opener statement that makes me realise how nowadays I tend to gravitate to a simpler plain packaging that need to have a bit of luxe feel to it. Case in point Chanel and Tom Ford packaging.


Inside the compact you’ll find a slim brush that you can use for touch up. It’s quite soft and not too small, as long as you can be light handed and manage a short stroke, you’ll do fine. But there’s no denying it will not match your favourite MAC, Hakuhodo and the rest of the face brush fleet that you worship. It’s just convenient.


As for the powder. It probably took me two full weeks before I have the courage to scratch the surface of this beautiful powder. That monogram!

It gives a semi-matte finish that resembles Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder, but Chanel is way more matte and have a bit more coverage. Great staying power and even better than La Mer The Powder. A bit of sheen and not shimmer. The moment that I start using this is also the moment I start usig the much raved about La Mer The Powder and I can say I love this more as this has a more semi-matte finish and not glowy like La Mer. Of course for special occassions that requires abit of glow I would reserve the spot for La Mer.

This Gucci Powder Truly Feels Like Luxury!

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