What Do I Think of the Laneige BB Cushion?

Yes I haven’t tried the BB cushion! What is wrong with me!

BB anything has never really been in my radar solely because they’re hopeless in terms of shade. All I can see is pale shade and even paler shade. What makes it worst is that they tend to have beige undertone. Who on earth have beige undertone? It really makes your skin appear greyish.

Because I went to the Laneige beauty workshop held by Female Daily last weekend, I got to try some of their best seller products.


I tried their darkest shade and even on the cushion I know it’s tad to light for me. I only need one pat at the cushion and divide it to five points on my face and it’s enough.

Here are couple of notes:

1. Though the shade is tad too light but somehow it doesn’t look whitish on my face and sort of blend in. I just need to apply darker tone powder or powder that is exactly my tone. It sort of makes my face appear fresh.
2. You really need to buff the sponge around real quick for that silky and dewy finish otherwise it’s going to be real patchy.
3. I’m surprised that it has a medium-deep coverage!
4. The sponge itself is sort of a miracle! I need one.

What Do I Think of the Laneige BB Cushion?

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