How I Come to Understand That Insurance Is Truly Important

In my current line of work I’ve dealt with many ways of gamification for the use of training & development – mostly, from the conceptor point of view. Gamification is often used because when you’re presented with theories most often than not you will forget all about it instantly. While gamification works because your mind is more perceptive and ‘open’ when you’re doing the game and whatever you get from the game get ingrained into your brain and it will stay there most indifinitely.

I have not tried this from the receiving end, or as the student or participant, until I attend the Cigna Smart Money event.

Ibu Mike, a financial planner, gives us a glimpse of how important it is for us to plan our finances so that we spend it accordingly – according to our capacity and budget. Also within this financial planning sometimes we’re faced with unplanned events such as health related problems, natural disaster or accident – which we actually don’t want to think about and have no control of. What we can control is the financial safety net when disasters like one of these strike, by ‘investing’ in insurance. Other than that you know all the drill about passive income that will make your life much easier. Surprisigly, unlike any other financial seminar that I previously attended, the financial planner only scratch the surface of the issue and talk in a very relax manner in under 15 minutes!

The next 1 hour we spent it playing ‘Smart Money’ board game.


It’s basically a monopoly kind of board game where you could choose your profession. I was an architect.


I have a set of information of my income, my assets and my loans – including mortgage and credit card, or any other loan if any.


This information were transferred to a ledger to monitor monthly expenditures.

At the beginning of the game, like any other monopoly game, I got a set of cash for my spending – whether I want to take up an investment offer such as stocks, properties or others.


The opportunities that came our way depended on which box we landed after we roll the dice. Sometimes it could be a great investment offer that is short term or insurance offer, buying lucrative properties or market news that could be beneficial for investors. The bad news is when you get the ‘oops’ card that really resembles real life unplanned expenses such as you need to chip in for a family member’s wedding, fired from a job or you get into a bad accident.

After an hour and one ‘musibah’ that cut my cashflow into half I suddenly understand that insurance is important if you want your finances to be trouble free when these kind of things happened. People doesn’t always need to rely on their day job to get income, in fact some of the most lucrative income come from your invesment.

And you know what! Much to my surprise at the end of the session we only summarised lesson learned from the game. Not a single mention of Cigna or hard sell on their product but I came home with a determination to get a health insurance with Cigna!

Well done @Cigna_ID you’ve done an excellent job in swaying my opinion your way!

How I Come to Understand That Insurance Is Truly Important

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