Sunday’s Best: Shoe Cleaning!

I often use my time on Sunday to do stuff that I won’t normally get to do on a weekdays, for instance for doing the laundry, cooking at home, sleeping (oh yes, lots of it!) and of course cleaning my shoe collection. I guess I’m a hoarder. I hoard on everything and especially shoes! They often come head to head with my makeup and skincare collection.

Several simple things that I would like to do just to keep my shoes on tip top conditions:

  1. Wipe them clean with damp clothes to cleanse the freshly used pair so that the dirt wont stick on the shoe material. Afterward, I will wipe them dry to make sure that it will not leave water stain on the leather or canvas.
  2. Taking some of my collection out of their boxes and give them a chance to breath fresh air and of course making sure that no harm come to them. I once discovered two pairs of  shoes have been infested with nasty fungus because of the AC water leak that dripped down to my shoe closet. Luckily, they’re fairly new so I can just wiped them clean with damp cloth. From then on, I make sure that I regularly check my shoe collection in rotation.
  3. Taking out the rarely used pair and making sure that they’re going to have a fair chance of seeing the daylight for the upcoming week. Like how I find this beautiful pair buried down at the bottom of the shoe boxes pile. Last time I wore it was probably two years ago when I went to Singapore for a Fashion Week. So this beauty is coming with me next week for an important meeting. Hopefully you’re my lucky charm!

Sunday’s Best: Shoe Cleaning!

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