Could this be a steal for Sunday Riley Good Genes?

Finally I’ve found a resurfacing serum that works and doesn’t cost a fortune. This #Novexpert The Peeling Night Cream is truly a steal for those looking for an alternative to Sunday Riley Good Genes.

Here’s a mini review of this product.

It contains Gluconolactone (PHA), Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid (AHAs), & Papaya Extract (natural exfoliant). With added Hyaluronic Acid to give minimal hydration to your skin. 

I used it alone at night, right after exfoliating toner & a mist of hydrating toner. No moisturizer whatsoever afterward. Used it for 7 days straight. My new acne scars visibly lightened in just two days and almost completely disappears in day 7. My skin looks more radiant than ever (not pale white!) albeit having a very busy week running for mutiple meetings and working till 2AM. It also feels so soft that I want to touch it all the time. It’s not drying, of course no moisturizer means your skin will not feel as hydrated, but the HA really helps in keeping minimal hydration at bay. In other word no dry pacthes and tight feeling on the skin.

I know single use of resurdacing treatment could be taxing on people with dry skin cause your skin feels drier than usual. Use hydrating mask before you apply your peeling treatment every other day to help with hydration. I recommend mask like Glamglow Thirstymud or Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask.

Most important thing, it’s easily accessible here at @beautyboxind for IDR495,000!

P.S. I know that when you talk with the BA they will recommend to use this one full month and take a 6 month rest before using this product again. But I prefer to use it only for 7 days straight monthly.

Could this be a steal for Sunday Riley Good Genes?

15 thoughts on “Could this be a steal for Sunday Riley Good Genes?

  1. malatsih says:

    How’s the result mba? Tertarik nih kalo efeknya sama kaya good genes mengingat harganya jauh banget 😀
    Ditunggu updatenya ya mba

    1. deszell says:

      Hasil apa ya? Jadi bingung. Soalnya di post di atas sudah dituliskan hasil pemakaian seminggu berturut-turut pakai. Itu bertahan kok pemakaian kedua juga gitu.

  2. Cinthya devy says:

    Hai mba, have you ever tried using Laneige Water Sleeping Pack before Novexpert Peeling ?
    I have a super dry skin yang sering terkelupas, pengen beli novexpert peeling tapi takut kelewat kering pake ini.

    1. deszell says:

      Belum pernag coba. Sleeping pack paling bagus pakai paling akhir. Aku pakai Glamglow Thirstymud sebelum Novexpert kadang.

      1. novia says:

        itu maksudnya glamglow thirstymud mask say,,
        klo menurut kamu sblum pake si novexpert ini mending pake glamglow thirstymud atau menard herb mask ya??
        itu kan kamu pake si Novexpert 7 hari berturut2, nah di hari ke-8 itu kamu stop noxexpertnya kah?? trus gantinya kamu pake apa??

      2. deszell says:

        Glamglow Thirstymud karena hydrate. Abis itu pakai skincare routine lengkap. Tergantung lagi butuhnya apa. Skincare routine bisa cek di IG suka post kok AM/PM routine-nya

  3. Hi mba,

    Ada rekomen hydrating toner sblm pake novexpert ini apa ga? Selain FTE.. Krn aku ga cocok. Kulit aku kombinasi. If possible, the affordable one 🙂

  4. christien says:

    aq udah coba ini dan am/pm bha serum. tp peeling night cream ini yg paling keliatan hasilnya. bahkan bisa ngempesin jerawat batu cuma dlm sorry to say but am/pm bha serum gak ngarus smsx sama jerawat di aq.but i love the smell & texture & sepertinya kulit jd lebih cerah sih abis pake am/pm.
    oya mba amal, maaf oot, mba klo mau pake massage cream di sore hari misalnya qt abis pake sunblock, itu urutannya : first cleanser – massage (cream) – second cleanser-
    ato gmn mba? soalnya aq cm prnh nemu di fd ktny abis massage (menard) cukup dibasuh air. tp aq skrg pake the face shop massage cream takut nya beda. abis massage gtu apa gak perlu di bersihkan dgn sabun biar minyak massage cream nya bersih & gak nutup pori? aq dah coba Utube & googling ttg penggunaan the face shop massage cream tp blm nemu

    1. deszell says:

      Oh gitu. Iya suka beda-beda yah orang. First cleanser – second cleanser – massage. Massage always on a clean skin.

      1. christien says:

        berarti after massage cuma dibasuh air aja gpp ya mba, trus langsung toner dll? emg gak berasa oily sih sbnrny cuma takut nya hrs dibersihkan tuntas krim massage nya heheh maklum mba msh cari2 info krn baru mau mulai ritual massage nih. makasi ya mba info nya ^^

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