Welcome to the City Studio Makeup!

I had the chance to play around with Studio Makeup products before they opened their counter in Metro PIM early this month, so by now I’ve already had several trial and error with their products.

For those that aren’t familiar yet with the brand it’s basically an affordable decorative makeup product brand that is roughly between the 100-200K price point. For the first year of their launch they were exclusively sold in Galeries Lafayette – the Paris one of course – and several years down the road they’re now available worldwide.

First impression?

Wow they even carry the foundation in my shade! I’m impressed! But other than that their colour and product selections are vast and on point with the current bold colour trend, they’re of good texture, quality and colour payoff.

My most favourite product from them is the eyeshadow crayon. It’s creamy, easy to blend, great colour payoff and it stays all day without creasing even if  I don’t use eyeshadow primer.

Second in the running is the eyeliner. But colourfull eyeliner as long as it’s creamy and long lasting is hard to be a miss, really.

As for the bronzer. Wow! I didn’t think it would be really easy to pick up the product and the colour payoff is really something. I love the touch of pink it’s refreshing and doesn’t look muddy. But you need to be lighthanded with the bronze cause or else you’ll look really bronze-y.

The eyeshadow palette on the other hand though I love how natural the result of mixing cream and powder product but the staying power is abit of a let down. It smear off ever so easily. But it’s still a great and compact kit nonetheless with tweezer and brush. Also a little help!

Welcome to the City Studio Makeup!

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