The thing about exfoliating toner …

It’s very addictive!

Exfoliating toner. Here are some of the basic stuff to go by.

1. Exfoliating toner is not equal to astringent though both give tingling feeling and it’s in no way harsh!

2. Toners that contain acid: AHA/BHA/PHA. AHA: Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid. BHA: Salicylic Acid. PHA: Gluconolactone.

3. Use after cleansing followed by hydrating toner (those that contain hydrating ingredients and NOT astringent or acid). Trust me, you would want to double tone! Whoever told you that oily skin doesn’t need a toner doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Even oily skin will benefit from double toning.

4. Can be used day and night. Though you would want different concentration sometimes for day or night. Some people like to use mild one for night and stronger one for morning or when the skin is troublesome. However, I like milder for morning and stronger for night.

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The thing about exfoliating toner …

6 thoughts on “The thing about exfoliating toner …

  1. Ingrid Nadya says:

    Mau nanya kalo udah tiap hari pake acid toner masih perlu perawatan chemical peel/facial micro di klinik/dokter? Oiya satu lagi klo km lagi pake novexpert peeling,tetep double toning? Atau sekali aja pake hydrating toner?

    Thank youuu

    1. deszell says:

      Biasanya sih nggak. Paling monthly peeling aja pakai kayak Novexpert. Aku tetap pakai exfoliating toner tapi yang mild, usually BHA or PHA based. Definitely not Pixi.

      1. deszell says:

        Maksudnya kalau lagi pakai acid serum nggak dicombine sama Pixi. Soalnya dia lumayan strong. Pilih yang milder aja.

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