The stories of my new lipsticks goes like this …

If there’s one brand that I’m a die hard fan for is Other Stories. They’re the hip sister of H&M and not widely available yet. Only in some big cities of Europe with limited number of stores. Which makes matter worst. Their style just echoes with my personal style. The fun side one. The more serious and *ahem* demure one loves COS.

Anyway, when a friend went for business trip to London I couldn’t help but to asked her to get me these two Other Stories lipsticks. I’ve swatches them myself, heard nothing but good things and the colours are just to die for. So I grabbed myself Petticoat Pink and Cordovan Wine.

Texture-wise they’re so creamy and easy to apply. Very pigmented. Opaque finish in one application. It stays on for more than 6 hours and fade beautifully to a nice stain and thin out evenly. Most importantly it feels light and not drying. Even I still have a beef with the Kiko Unlimited Stylo. But this one … I am in love that it makes me forget all of my Tom Fords. Yes, it’s that good! It’s everything you ever wanted from a lipstick and the colour selection are equally to die for.

Not so surprisingly, the Petticoat Pink, which is a strawberry pink kind of colour – blue tone and bright pink kind of colour – is quite similar to a lipstick that I’ve already owned. Which is the Kiko Virtual Dream lipstick that is a limited edition and also have a nice finish just a bit glossier.

But the Cordovan Wine is somethig new for me. A brown with a tinge of wine or brick red colour. It’s a breath of fresh air from my normal plummy look but gives the brighter skin effect as plummy lipstick. It’s not as stiff and matte looking as my Tom Ford Black Dahlia. Bottom line is this lipstick is going to have many miles in the future.

See how it makes my whole face lit up?

If you’re willing to dish out IDR 250,000 more or less for a MAC lipstick, do consider adding couple more thousands to try this one out that is in a whole different level!

The stories of my new lipsticks goes like this …

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