My Thought on Double Cleansing

If people ask my suggestion what’s the best skincare investment or where to start with skincare routine the answer will always be: double cleansing!

If you don’t cleanse your skin properly all your expensive and potent skincare will go to waste. They will not get through your skin . They will not work effectively. Might as well pay $1 cream because it will not do what it supposed to do.

Washing your face without cleansing it first is like taking a shower fully clothed. 

Double cleansing is: 

1. First Cleanser: cleansing your makeup or whatever dirt/gunk/junk in your face. Products: cleansing cream/oil/balm, micellar water, or whatever product that can remove waterproof products.

2. Second cleanser: facial foam (avoid those with sls), cream or whatever cleanser that isn’t too balmy and oily and this one cleanses your skin thoroughly.

Haven’t done double cleansing properly? Don’t bother thinkinf about what serum to buy. Seriously, it ain’t worth it 😝

My Thought on Double Cleansing

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