Jumping off a cliff

No one is an island. But everything would be much much easier if you can be an island. You don’t have to depend on anyone and be self sufficient. It would be a lonely one but hassle free. But then again it’s lonely.

Today is one of those days where I feel I wanna be an island. It’s one of those days that makes me so depressed because I feel helpless and I just want to jump off a cliff so I don’t have to deal with it. Fortunately, I’m no quitter. I just need a time to ponder and feel helpless before I get back on my feet. I don’t think it would be anytime soon.

But until that time, let today be a reminder of the days of the past and why I want something else for the future. Because if ever being an island (and lonely, bitter and the whole nine yards) seems to be the better choice, then it’s not worth fighting for. Because, I don’t wanna settle for anything less than extraordinary anymore.

Jumping off a cliff

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