My Three Skincare Heroes from Indeed Laboratories

I’ve talked about this trio for the longest time but I’ve just realised I’ve never written about them. Yet. They are: Retinol Resurface, Hydraluron and Pepta-Bright.

Let’s talk about them one by one after the jump. Bottom line is they’re too good to not have them.

1. Hydraluron

Of course I first know about this product from noneother than Lady Hiron. This is basically a serum that helps to retain the hydration. But it will not work if you don’t wear moisturizer on top of it because where else will this serum gets its hydration from other than our moisturizer? Reaping ir from our skin? That is a bad idea that will only cause dehydration.

Back to the product. It’s in gel form so it’s not going to be too watery, heavy nor creamy for anyone. It will be the go serum for anyone who need hydration, want plumper looking skin and their makeup to look flawlessly glowing.

You use this just after everything else and before whatever product that you’re using as a moisturizer. That means cream, day cream or oil – if you use it as your moisturizer, you use it just beforehand. Use twice daily. 

2. Retinol Reface

Basically Retinol cocktail and everyone who hits 30 will benefit from Vitamin A in their skincare. It helps with your skin elasticity, smooth fine lines and keep your texture in line. I reckon night time is the best to use this. Just after cleansing and toning, first before any other serum you use – like if you use hydration serum like hydraluron or serum in oil.

3. Pepta-Bright

Help to brighten your complexion, even it out and give it glow. Not so good for spots but my friend swear by it for spots. I still recommend it for the formers.

I choose to use it during the day cause night time I use Retinol. It’s paramount to use sunscreen if you’re using brightening care. Use it in your serum slot before Hydraluron.

My Three Skincare Heroes from Indeed Laboratories

11 thoughts on “My Three Skincare Heroes from Indeed Laboratories

  1. I just confirmed Hydraluron and Moisture Jelly to go with it. Now I want Retinol Reface too!! I use acids (AHA/BHA) at nights, is it okay to go with Retinol after that?

      1. Lenny says:

        OMG! Maaf tidak sadar kalau sudah di reply =_=
        AHA yang kupakai FAB Radiance pads, BHA dari Paula’s Choice (2% Liquid), so I think the AHA and BHA I use is considered toner?
        I usually use the Retinol this way: AHA or BHA, hydrating toner, retinol, hydrating serum, moisturizer.
        Sudah benar kah ini?

        Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  2. oalah mbaa aku baru mudeng hydraluron in serum toooh setelah baca blog mu hahaha. aku kira dia moisturizer loh, what a steal banget serumnya ini ya nggak terlalu pricey menurutku tapi efeknya bagus.. catet deh di wishlist 🙂 love to read your posts everywhere deh ❤

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