My skincare routine

Instead of writing the usual skincare arsenal, which I’ve done plenty of in Female Daily, I thought I’ll share what type products need to be in my routine.

See the list after the jump!

  1. First cleanser – only when I’m wearing makeup or sunscreen. Cleansing oil, balm, milk, cream or micellar water. My favourites are balm and cleanser. Fitting for my dry skin.
  2. Second cleanser – anything that is not greasy. Day and night. Non SLS soap for sure!
  3. Massage – Only at night time. Even then I’m so so lazy! I use massage cream or greasy thick balm.
  4. Thermal water – there are alot of this type of product from French pharmacy and I put it in its of product type cause I need to have it. Usually when I’m wearing mask I like to just spray thermal water to sort of cleanse the residue or when I’m massaging with a balm.
  5. Mask – now there’s the mask. I need to write a separate post but basically deep cleansing, smoothing and hydrating masks need to be in my routine. Just do it whenever you have time. 
  6. Acid toning – day and night. Without fail. Anything with AHA/BHA/PHA with right amount and pH below 4. I’ve prepared an article for this on Female Daily.
  7. Hydrating toner – anything with hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Refreshing toner. No astringent, not even natural one. Twice a day afrer no. 6.
  8. Pre essence/booster/pre lotion – you know the sort of thing you put in place of SK-II FTE? Yes that one! I use both hydrating toner and pre essence because this particular product not only hydrates but works at cellular level to manage my skin. Day and night.
  9. Serum – usually somewhere alon the line of brightening, vitamin C and A. Or anything interesting. Day and night but usually I use different types.
  10. Oil! I like dry oil. Usually I’ll only use it for nighttime for when I need more hydration. Mix it with a bit of thermal water to tone down the texture.
  11. Hydrating serum – I specifically need this because my face is so bloody dry and dehydrated. It sort of acts like a glue for my hydration. Day and night.
  12. Moisturizer – self explanatory. Use emulsion type for day and cream for night. Or whichever one suits you. Usually I want more active ingredients for night time. Day and night of course.
  13. Sunscreen! Day time only.
  14. Eye cream – day and night. I prefer gel texture and hydrating one for daytime because they’re great under makeup.
My skincare routine

5 thoughts on “My skincare routine

  1. Zwinda says:

    Hi.. Mau tanya, aku br mau mulai double toning, tp blm beli hydrating toner (aku PO caudalie tp blm dtg). Kalo avene thermal water bisa jd hydrating toner ga ya? Aku sementara pake avene thermal water buat slot hydrating toner krn make yg udh tersedia aja di rmh.
    Oiya satu lg, kmu pake eye cream di step paling terakhir ya? Thank youu

  2. Hi there! Good article!
    Kebetulan aku pakai SKII FTE, Jadi apakah FTE tetap bisa digunakan setelah 2 toner tersebut? Many thanks!

    1. deszell says:

      Nggak inget pH-nya tapi itu terlalu tinggi buat acid toner. Sekarang jadinya aku pake buat light toner aja sih buat bersihin kalau abis pake masker.

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