My Kind of Micellar Water

There are many micellar water in the market but somehow the Avene one works better for my skin. I’ve used solely Avene skincare before, at first my impression was that this skincare is too blah. Nothing special too normal. But funniest thing happened. My skin is still normal too. It looks great despite the non-layering of products, no redness visible and most importantly no dryness. Eversince that I’m an Avene believer. Of course if Avene wasn’t one of my clients at FD I wouldn’t have tried simply because it looks too normal for my peculiar taste of skincare – the more complicated the better.

But this experience to French skincare open up a whole new world for me. An obsession with French Pharmacy products and products the French pften used like Thermal Water and Micellar Water. The later is a French version of makeup remover. It looks like normal water but it removes makeup effectively. Of course the heavier your makeup is the more product and cotton pad swipes you’ll need.

Back to this Micellar Water, it has a normal good scent but Nuxe one is actually better. It’s able to remove makeup but Bioderma is better. So why did I choose Avene? Simply because it feels like it works better for my skin. I think when it comes to skincare, there are alot of good stuff out there. You just want what works and feels comfortable for you. The same goes to why I pick Avene. 

For the Micellar Water, I use it for first cleanser.

My Kind of Micellar Water

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