Another French Pharmacy Love: Taaj Paris

My bestfriend lives in Paris. That’s how I get my steady stream of French Pharmacy products (along with my COS and & Other Stories loot). She’s also the source of the latest what’s in, in the French Pharmacy world. I have been wanting to post a French Pharmacy best of products but I sense it’s going to be a lengthy post so I thought I’ll start with one product. My latest acquisition and I’m head over heels with it: Taaj Paris Soothing Gel. 

So, what about this?

Taaj Paris is a skincare with Ayurvedic approach. It sounds too zen and mumbo jumbo to explain so I wont bother. What intrigue me is the fact that it’s loaded with Hyaluronic Acid. I’m a big fan! For the longest time I’ve been using Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron and I’m dying to try something new. So this is that something new.

It’s a lightweight cream that supposedly used prior to and after beauty treatment. This also contains curcuma that is soothing & loaded with antioxidant. Calendula & Aloe Vera that are also soothing.

So what do I think of this product? Bloody hell it’s truly soothing! Especially after a full day in the heat my skin love this stuff! It seems to have more weight than Hydraluron and the soothing effect is best when my skin is sensitive. As for the hydration it’s just slightly below Hydraluron so I much prefer Hydraluron for everyday use. Also the gel form of Hydraluron makes my skincare products layering easier. But this one which is priced less than €15 is a keeper! Especially when you need a soothing hydrating cream or treatment. It’s really a steal. I can’t believe it’s this cheap.

What is wrong with French Pharmacy! Everything is not overpriced but works!

Another French Pharmacy Love: Taaj Paris

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