I thought joining #365inskincare would be a good idea. I posted the first one today. It’s a good idea to show how I mix my skincare to my skin need. 

This is from day 1. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this everyday. At least once a week? How bout that!

So here are the details.

Last night’s skincare menu

Cleanse & massage with #BobbiBrown balm. Add a little bit of #Missha green tea enzyme powder to the face to help emulsify the balm and a little bit of exfoliating action and then rinse it.

Spritz #Avene Water and swipe the water off my face with cotton pad to just cleanse the remaining of the cleanser off my face. I don’t do this if I cleanse the balm with flannel. 

After that I apply #Hadalabo mild peeling lotion for my acid toner. Wait until it dries. #Hylamide SubQ for eyes, followed by #Menard #Beaunes for pre lotion and #DrJart #Cellwake for hydrating toner.

My skin has been really dry so I add serum, oil and moisturizer by layering and wait for it to dry, see how it goes. Last night was #Menard #Embelir, #Antipodes Divine Face Oil, & #Aesop Oil Free Hydrating Serum. 


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