Why I’m Head Over Heels With Hanyul

Last two years were my Korean skincare craze period. I tried various Korean skincare from the dirt cheap one to a more expensive one. Two brands set the bar for me, they are Sum 37 and Hanyul. This particular post discuss the latter. Hanyul is a sister company to Sulwhasoo and Laneige. The position is somewhere between the two. If you want to dig deeper into the brand, I’ve written a little bit here. I like Sulwhasoo they have great products. But somehow my skin doesn’t 100% fit in with the brand’s product lineup. They seems to work well on mature skin or problematic oily skin. Most of them feels watery on my face but not hydrating enough. But I can still use it, just not perfect. As for Laneige, I think they’re tad too young for my skin although some of their products are everlasting like the cleansers and sleeping mask. Here are the summary of the Hanyul products that I’ve tested. Since I’ve thrown away most of my stuff, I don’t have original pictures.

1. Hanyul Optimizing Serum

There’s a full review of this product at Female Daily but the bottom line why I like this product is that it’s like an almost exact copy of Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum. It’s perfect for when I’m having my hormonal acne, helps to deal with them, but not as drying on my skin as Sulwhasoo’s.

2. Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softner hanyul-essential-skin-softener-ad1-600x395 Again, full review is available at Female Daily. At the moment, this is my most favourite hydrating toner that I can use directly to the face without cotton pad. My favourite product for used-with-cotton-pad-hydrating-toner is Menard Lisciare. They’re on par with each other. This doesn’t have funny apek scent like most fermented lotion in the market. It’s heavier and have more weight to it than water. It feels like an encapsulated water gel that pops in your face everytime you put in your face. So cooling and hydrating. It’s heavenly. Now that I’m running out on this I’m not sure whether I want to try anything else, but I should or else I never get the chance on trying anything new. A bottle costs more than USD 50 but it lasts me more than a year. You only need up to five drops for the whole face.

3. Hanyul Rice Essential Emulsion

A typical milk form. It’s thin it’s nice. And what’s shocking is that I like the texture, feel and scent more than I like my Menard Lisciare Milk Lotion. It’s not sticky and gives enough hydration for day time.

4. Hanyul Seo Ri Tae Anti Aging Cream

Oh my god this is the bomb! One of the best anti aging I’ve ever tested. On par with Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewing Cream. Where Tatcha wins over the texture that is like butter and melts in your skin this actually gives better result. An anti ageing cream that doesn’t feel to rich but you can feel your skin is plumper and more radiant. Works slightly for the wrinkles on my forehead but not on the sides of the nose. Cream texture that is light and nice on the skin.

Why I’m Head Over Heels With Hanyul

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