pH Strip Test Chronicle: The Introduction

I’ve been quite concern lately about the pH of certain products because apparently prying on ingredients alone when choosing a product is not enough. There’s a next step to it which is pH number!

It all started with the cleanser. Apparently using cleanser with pH that is more than 5.5 will destroy your acid mantle – which is in short it will sort of ruin your skin’s barrier system and in the long run will make it more sensitive and in my case everytime I used cleanser with high pH it feels truly drying. I started to notice about the pH of cleanser because of Skin & Tonic’s post about pH and maintaining moisture barrier here. It’s definitely worth the read if you want to up your ante on the skincare routine game and how to pick your skincare carefully.

With that said, the cleanser that I’ve been using lately have pH between 4-5.5 – I still forgive those that are about 6. But anything above 8 is certainly far too drying for my skin.

Another product that I’m concern about is acid toner pH. It needs to be between 3-4 for the acid to work effectively on your skin. So I’ve been searching high and low for acid toner that are somewhere below 4. Apparently it’s not an easy task!

Other than that, I would like all my products from hydrating toner, serum to moisturiser to be somewhere not too far from 6.

So, I know this pH number bullshit is a labour intensive work – you need to test the product with pH strip or meter and then you sometime remember or forget the number. So nowadays I took photos when I did pH strip test, albeit shitty one, and then post it up on Instagram so that people could benefit from the test. Because it’s not often that product’s pH number is available for public – usually fellow bloggers will post it up with their review but mostly it’s for products that already have cult following.

In an attempt to compile  the shitty pictures of pH strip test together, so that it could be reference for anyone who need it, I’m doing a new category which is #pHStripTestChronicle. So if any of you, my kind reader, plan on doing a pH strip test of a product, please take a snap of it. If it’s unclear, dark and yadda yadda and not pretty Instagram worthy picture, as long as I can see the strip against the chart to validate its pH strip, and also you happen to let other people know I would be more than happy to post it up on my blog under this category. Because like I said, it’s a labour intensive work and also there’s only so much of products that I’m using at the moment. Getting all the information together could be much of an easier work if it’s a collective effort.

If you do snap your pH strip test and want me to post it up, use #pHStripTestChronicle on the picture so I can easily find the picture and it would be easier if you mention me on Instagram / Twitter @deszell / @deszellfd.

pH Strip Test Chronicle: The Introduction

4 thoughts on “pH Strip Test Chronicle: The Introduction

  1. Yes. Thank you for starting this chronicle! I’m enjoying your post on IG. It’s been very helpful. I want to test my cleanser too, but can’t find the strips. May I know where did you buy them?

    1. deszell says:

      That’s a really good idea. I will certainly do that as well from now on. I’ll bring the whole pack. But cleanser need to be mixed with water first to test right?

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