Why Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Move Up in its Position on my Cleanser List.

For the longest time, I have been telling people that there are plenty of cleansers out there that you need to try out first before you reach out for Sunday Riley Ceramic Cleanser. I hate the fact that everything from Sunday Riley is ridiculously overpriced and seems to be marketed to be a breakthrough in the market. Where in fact, I’ve seen similar product before. There’s nothing new. But her PR and Marketing people are so good that it’s everywhere and it’s the brand to have!

Considering that the price of this cleanser is USD 45 (before tax!) is not exactly cheap. Of course, this is also the time where I’ve found out that Sum37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is  as lush as what people said. Fancl Washing Powder is just as mild and great. So what’s the fuss really!

I’ll tell you why I’ve changed my mind and why it’s definitely an ok thing for you to get this cleanser. It’s so worth the splurge!

First of all the pH of this cleanser is spot on for low pH cleanser. Ingredient-wise, no SLS!

It’s a gel-based foaming cleanser that lather up but doesn’t really feel bubbly. It feels so soft on the skin that reminds me of Cetaphil with thinner consistency and more gel-like. I like this kind of cleanser in the morning. Of course that’s also exactly why I always reach out for the this product in the morning.

Despite being marketed for oilier skin, this cleanser that aims to purifies and tightens pores doesn’t feel drying on my dry skin. It’s such a surprise. The scent is truly heavenly in a green way.

But the belle of the ball is because it contains French Green Clay that is a great ingredient for deep cleansing and remove impurities. Of course it’s better when it is a mask. So it happen, this is a great product to be combined with Sunday Riley Good Genes – 2 pumps of this and 3 pumps of Good Genes -, apply it to clean and dry face. After 10 minutes you have instantly brighter and glowing skin. Miraculous!

Why I recommend it now is because I haven’t found any single product that I can combine with my resurfacer (AHA/BHA) serum and transform it into a mask for a quick fix me up. I also combine this with my Novexpert Peeling Night Cream and it works as well. So due to this alone, I’ve changed my mind.

I will cash out bloody USD 45 if I need to because I need that instant glow!

As it happened to be, this is not the only almost USD 50 cleanser that I own. So why bother, right, scrutinising on the price.

Why Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Move Up in its Position on my Cleanser List.

4 thoughts on “Why Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Move Up in its Position on my Cleanser List.

  1. mrsdelonika says:

    haii amaal. i don’t know you remember me or not. aku fika dr HC dlu kita pernah ktmu (4thn lalu sptnya :p). I’ve been your silent reader for a while. suka baca komen kamu di forum, follow di IG, dan tentunya blog ini. *kayak secret admirer ya. haha*

    akhirnya memutuskan untuk komen soalnya aku penasaran bgt sama cleanser ini. banyak bgt yg review. tp mostly yg kulitnya emang berminyak atau kombinasi. akhirnya nemu kamu yg kulit kering juga dan blg bagus. oke, stlh baca postingan ini sptnya ceramic slip bakal jadi urutan teratas wishlist aku deh. thanks amal ud meracuni akuuu

    1. deszell says:

      HC apakah BTW? Ha ha maaf yah aku pelupa 😅. I feel so bad. Iya ini nggak bikin kulit kering kerontang tp juga nggak kenyal. Ok sih kalau mau yang bisa double the duty. Aku suka karena bisa di combine sama serum AHA/BHA buat masker.

      1. mrsdelonika says:

        aku pikir komennya ga masuk. td aku komen lg di IGmu. haha. HC hijabers community. dlu kayaknya smpt mau ada kerjasama gtu. kita ktmu ada lita jg. ud lama bgt sih emg jd pst lupa. aku jg klo ga follow IGmu krn skincare lupa kita pernah ktmu. haha. jadi ini clenaser bs dicombine sama serum (apa aja yg ada AHA/BHa ya?ga cuma GG?) dan jd masker?itu maskernya yg harus dicuci lg ya?asli maju mundur terus mau beli ini soalnya. krn harganya kan mayaaann bgt. haha

  2. Great Review!
    I wanted to try this for ages now I have a sample I’ve put off using it as I didn’t want to need it! Although I’ve got good genes so it makes sense to buy it! Lol

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