The first batch of #MissionEmpties

I’m joining #missionempties, it’s a 30-day challenge of emptying as much beauty products as possible starting from the 28th August.

So here are my first few batch.

This past few days I managed to emptied out several sampe sized products. I can’t believe they only have few wears left and I left them untouched for months! Thanks to #missionempties I’m now on the lookout for stuff that I need to get rid off from my stash.

The Fancl powder wash is absolutely great but no preservative so you need to finish it in 4 months. Or else the scent become funky.

The Guerlain Super Aqua Eye serum is a little bit of a let down. It’s hydrating. Period. I can get away with any Kiehl’s or Clinique if that’s all it can do.

The Clarins Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel pn the other hand is super gentle and nice, cooling, hydrating acid toner. I want to purchase full size but I have so many acid toner at the moment.

Bobbi Brown’s skincare is always👍, surprisingly. This Extra Bright Advanced Moisture cream is light, absorbs immediately and leaves skin feeling fresh. Though as much as brightening goes it helps the glow only.

This is actually the first empty of my #missionempties. Which took me by surprise because I thought there are still plenty inside. Maybe I should cut it open first. I kept this by my bedside table because it has super nice scent like any other product in Nuxe Reve de Miel line. We need this because it absorp beautifully. And I sometimes use this on my entire leg if it’s super dry.

The first batch of #MissionEmpties

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