A Morning With Menard Masks

Sudah bukan rahasia lagi kalau Menard adalah merek kecintaan saya. I love it to a point that I trust this brand blindly, no matter what ingredients they’re using. Alasannya adalah karena semua produk yang saya gunakan, asal sesuai dengan kondisi kulit saya, pasti hasilnya positif. Ya udah deh, saya biasanya nggak akan banyak riset sana sini kalau mau menggunakan produk ini.

Nah, Sabtu minggu lalu saya diundang Female Daily Network untuk datang ke Beauty Workshop yang mereka adakan bersama dengan Menard. Actually this is the first Menard event that I got the chance sit back and relax, and event came late :p. Tema dari acara tersebut adalah masker, how exciting right? Biasanya memang kalau hari Sabtu saya menghabiskan waktu saya leyeh-leyeh di rumah sambil maskeran. Hari itu saya jadinya leyeh-leyeh di apartemen bersama dengan anggota FDN lainnya.

Masker mungkin bukan hal yang wajib jika kita berbicara mengenai produk perawatan wajah. Tapi kalau pakai masker, kulit kita akan berada di kondisi lebih baik lagi. Kalau kata Winny, my dearest skincare Nazi, masker ini seperti vitamin C buat kulit. Maksudnya bukan vitamin C serum, tapi efeknya seperti vitamin C kalau kita minum jadi booster gitu lah. Biasanya saya akan memakai masker dua sampai tiga kali seminggu. Bukan masker yang sama, tapi tergantung dari kebutuhan kulit saya pada saat itu. Maskernya sendiri bisa saya pakai terpisah atau dua sekaligus pada saat kulit saya butuhkan. Biasanya kalau dikombinasikan saya akan memakai produk masker yang membersihkan atau mengangkat sel kulit mati dikombinasikan dengan masker treatment.

Ada lima masker dalam koleksi Menard. Apa saja produknya dan kegunaannya? Nah, di bawah ini sekilas tentang masing-masing masker. Mungkin lain waktu kalau saya punya waktu luang lebih banyak akan saya bahas lebih lanjut, ya, masing-masing masker tersebut.


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A Morning With Menard Masks

Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?


I’m appalled by how many people asked me what’s best for their sensitive skin. This month alone there are plenty of questions surrounding the best skincare for sensitive skin. But hold on. Do you really have sensitive skin? Or it’s all in your head that you have sensitive skin.

This article by WebMD is pretty good in understanding what’s sensitive skin is.

Here are several things that you have to ask yourself.  A set of question to come up with a prognosis of what’s truly your skin condition is. Do you think you’re experiencing just a bad reaction because a product that doesn’t suit you? Is there any ingredient that cause you to breakout? Have you experience this before? If you have, is this because of a certain condition – change in weather, stress, etc – or is it cause by a common string of ingredient in the different products that have caused your breakouts?

Think about it for a second.

I’m not sure how to define a sensitive skin. But all my life the issue of sensitive skin is not a foreign issue within my family. It runs in the family. In fact in many cases of sensitive skin it’s hereditary.  Continue reading “Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?”

Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?

Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

Considering I have started using skincare when I was in Junior Highschool, I’ve probably use skincare for more than two decades. So it’s no surprise when I said … ah, yes I’ve used such and such brand a decade ago. If you don’t see them in my routine, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them or I haven’t used them. Considering the length of time I’ve been using skincare I’ve tried so many skincare products out there and to keep up with the vast array of choice I like to keep my option open. So I try not to stick to one brand only. Here are three brands that many of their products I’ve used and I recommend them time and time again and I have brand loyalty to. It appears in the order of which I started using them.

1. Clinique

My mom introduced me to their 3-step system: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Such a simple routine but it works. Their clarifying toner has been there even before the hype of exfolating/acid toner. Unfortunately, most of the clarifying toner contains alcohol with the only exception of the Mild Clarifying Toner. If you’re not ‘allergic’ to alcohol the clarifying toner in no 2 should be decent enough and with the added hyaluronic acid in its renewed version couple of years ago it’s not as drying as the original version that I used when I was teenager. Other than that, their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion garner a cult following because it’s light and hydrating. But it acts more as an emulsion rather than a moisturiser. Other products such as Turnaround line, Superdefense and Moisture Surge moisturisers are too die for and worth checking.

Clinique at its core is an effective skincare, no nonsense, great beauty consultant at their counters (which is rare for Indonesia) who understands their products and also at a reasonable price point for department store skincare brand.

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Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect

If you’ve read my review on Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, you must know by now that I love the effect of mixing this cleanser with my resurfacing serum which is either Sunday Riley Good Genes or Novexpert Peeling Night Cream. The result is like an instant flash facial. I have that smooth and glowing skin that is also plumped and look more alive in an instant. It’s a truly truly smooth canvas for any makeup that follows. Hence, I love to do this flash facial whenever I have a big day or event.

However both Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes cost arms and legs. Though I have found a dupe, well an almost dupe, for the Good Genes, but I’ve yet to find one for Ceramic Slip.

That is until I found the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Oh, I love that same flash facial result with a tinge of lush scent. With the Rupiah condition that keeps on weakening against Dollar, the price of that Tata Harper mask becomes really pricey. Also, I’ve not found anyone that have this product on ready stock. But the fact remains, the result of this mask is the same as the combination of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes minus the hassle of pre-mixing them.

While I’m still contemplating on whether to get Tata Harper or not, considering the effect is only a temporarily and for the purposes of that instant pick me up, there in my doorstep a dear friend sent me a package containing Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel. Which at first I thought only a simple foam that have acid or some kind of peeling agent. Well, I was wrong! This is supposed to be applied as a 2-minute mask on a dry skin which you can then lather up with a bit of water and massage it before you rinse it off.

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The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect

Why I’m Always Probing People With More Questions

For the longest time, I always want to be a consultant. The word consultant for means a one on one approach in giving a solution. I didn’t know what consultant but the word sounds sexy enough for me. Until the dot com boom at the turn of the century, where ‘IT” is the it thing. I thought, I wanna be an IT consultant. So off I go enrolling in an IT course, which turned out to be quite the hard work *insert crying emoticon*.

As I finally graduated from the hell hole that is my undergrad study – kidding, I actually think that most of the stuff I learned there shape me up to who I am today, but it’s seriously a hard work. I applied for jobs that let me have a lot of spare time. Because like any 21 years old, all I wanna do is Par-Tay! And make money, so I can party some more. But I kept the thought of being an IT consultant, and someday joining top consulting firm at the back of my head. I thought, well maybe I will do a year or two or partying and then I can work myself to the brink of exhaustion after that. But that never happened. That dream took a backseat after I get married and gave birth to my daughter.  Continue reading “Why I’m Always Probing People With More Questions”

Why I’m Always Probing People With More Questions