Why I’m Always Probing People With More Questions

For the longest time, I always want to be a consultant. The word consultant for means a one on one approach in giving a solution. I didn’t know what consultant but the word sounds sexy enough for me. Until the dot com boom at the turn of the century, where ‘IT” is the it thing. I thought, I wanna be an IT consultant. So off I go enrolling in an IT course, which turned out to be quite the hard work *insert crying emoticon*.

As I finally graduated from the hell hole that is my undergrad study – kidding, I actually think that most of the stuff I learned there shape me up to who I am today, but it’s seriously a hard work. I applied for jobs that let me have a lot of spare time. Because like any 21 years old, all I wanna do is Par-Tay! And make money, so I can party some more. But I kept the thought of being an IT consultant, and someday joining top consulting firm at the back of my head. I thought, well maybe I will do a year or two or partying and then I can work myself to the brink of exhaustion after that. But that never happened. That dream took a backseat after I get married and gave birth to my daughter. 

But now, I am at that consultant seat. I’m known to my client to be the person who’s giving them a solution that tailored to what they need and when they need it. I refuse to just take an as is request. I always ask thousands of questions from general to specific, so if and when I provide them with a solution it is exactly what they need at that time and will accommodate them for years to come.

When I worked for Female Daily and creating a campaign for brands, I always try to look for that single defining factor that is personal to the brand and build the campaign from there. From that message I will identify which editor fit to the persona of the brand. I like the idea of creating personalised campaign. Because no one brand is the same and hence they shouldn’t be treated the same.

I have one last story. If you ever asked me a question in my Instagram about skincare related issue, forgive me if I asked you detailed questions. Because it is in my bone to want to give someone a specific answer that is tailored for them. For me, questions that are too general irks me. How could I answer if there are one million probabilities to answer that question? Tell me what. Tell me how. Tell me when. Tell me what are you doing now. And then I will give you the answer.

Apparently this disease of wanting to know the specific is actually one of my strengths. By asking the specific of what you need, I’m able to give people – whether it is my paying client, brands that have worked with me or even you that asked questions on my Instagram account – a tailored solution only for them. I found this out couple of months ago when I did my Gallup Strength Test that one of my strength theme and the number one is individualization. Which in general is that I focus on differences and from there I develop a tailored solution. I always thought that my biggest strength is giving people solution and not dwell on problem. But actually, it’s specifically in giving people the solution that you need. Whatever the job may be.

Why I’m Always Probing People With More Questions

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