The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect

If you’ve read my review on Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, you must know by now that I love the effect of mixing this cleanser with my resurfacing serum which is either Sunday Riley Good Genes or Novexpert Peeling Night Cream. The result is like an instant flash facial. I have that smooth and glowing skin that is also plumped and look more alive in an instant. It’s a truly truly smooth canvas for any makeup that follows. Hence, I love to do this flash facial whenever I have a big day or event.

However both Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes cost arms and legs. Though I have found a dupe, well an almost dupe, for the Good Genes, but I’ve yet to find one for Ceramic Slip.

That is until I found the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Oh, I love that same flash facial result with a tinge of lush scent. With the Rupiah condition that keeps on weakening against Dollar, the price of that Tata Harper mask becomes really pricey. Also, I’ve not found anyone that have this product on ready stock. But the fact remains, the result of this mask is the same as the combination of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes minus the hassle of pre-mixing them.

While I’m still contemplating on whether to get Tata Harper or not, considering the effect is only a temporarily and for the purposes of that instant pick me up, there in my doorstep a dear friend sent me a package containing Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel. Which at first I thought only a simple foam that have acid or some kind of peeling agent. Well, I was wrong! This is supposed to be applied as a 2-minute mask on a dry skin which you can then lather up with a bit of water and massage it before you rinse it off.

The result? I was surprised how similar the effect of using this product with what I get with both the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and the Sunday Riley combination. Of course the Tata Harper’s have that lux scent that no one can beats. Still, the fact that I found a product that can be the dupe for that Sunday Riley combination is unexpected and worth celebrating especially that you can get is ever so easily here in Indonesia.

I wouldn’t really say this is a steal consider the price is Rp 710,000 but it’s readily available. But considering this is almost or even cheaper than the price of Sunday Riley Good Genes, I can still say this is a steal, right? Just not a cheap one.

Reading through the ingredient I was quite alarm when I found Tealauryl Sulfate, which sounds so similar with sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an irritant and though it doesn’t really make my skin breakout or anything but when I try living without it my skin is in even better shape. So where does the two related? Actually there’s no study to suggest that Tealauryl Sulfate is an irritant, unlike the many studies that suggested differently for SLS. However, being so closely related with each other many people make a gut call of avoiding both ingredients. For me, I have no problem at all with this ingredient and nothing bad have come from using this foaming peel so it’s a go people!

But here’s the interesting fact. When I scroll through the ingredient list I couldn’t find the exfoliant agent in the inci list. So I google them one by one. I’m that diligent. Plus I was bed ridden for the past few days and work was so taxing that I can only do couple of hours at one go. At my spare time, I google on the ingredient. How fun, right? Apparently the exfoliant agent is called Bacillus Ferment which is an enzymatic exfoliant that acts as a mild exfoliator and a great alternative to AHA and it’s water soluble just like AHA. It also have highter pH range than AHA/BHA at 5-8 to work effectively.

Other than that this bottle is filled with yummy Essential Oils that lends to the ethereal scent of the produk – from Lavender, Sage, Geranium and Savory. If you’re one of those anti Eos person on my face, avoid this at all cost.

The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect

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