Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

Considering I have started using skincare when I was in Junior Highschool, I’ve probably use skincare for more than two decades. So it’s no surprise when I said … ah, yes I’ve used such and such brand a decade ago. If you don’t see them in my routine, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them or I haven’t used them. Considering the length of time I’ve been using skincare I’ve tried so many skincare products out there and to keep up with the vast array of choice I like to keep my option open. So I try not to stick to one brand only. Here are three brands that many of their products I’ve used and I recommend them time and time again and I have brand loyalty to. It appears in the order of which I started using them.

1. Clinique

My mom introduced me to their 3-step system: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Such a simple routine but it works. Their clarifying toner has been there even before the hype of exfolating/acid toner. Unfortunately, most of the clarifying toner contains alcohol with the only exception of the Mild Clarifying Toner. If you’re not ‘allergic’ to alcohol the clarifying toner in no 2 should be decent enough and with the added hyaluronic acid in its renewed version couple of years ago it’s not as drying as the original version that I used when I was teenager. Other than that, their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion garner a cult following because it’s light and hydrating. But it acts more as an emulsion rather than a moisturiser. Other products such as Turnaround line, Superdefense and Moisture Surge moisturisers are too die for and worth checking.

Clinique at its core is an effective skincare, no nonsense, great beauty consultant at their counters (which is rare for Indonesia) who understands their products and also at a reasonable price point for department store skincare brand.

2. SK-II


I started using SK-II when I thought I needed a break from Clinique after using it for a decade. My aunt gave me a pack of their skincare and the rest is history. If you’re looking for anything SK-II related, Female Daily have tons of articles written about SK-II what and how written by yours truly. It’s a Japanese Skincare line made famous worldwide after acquired by P&G. But they’re still that good old Japanese Skincare with well selected ingredients and lengthy steps and routine.

Try the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for a start and move up the ladder as you wish. Their  cleansing troops are my least favourites product choice. For their lotion I prefer the Cellumination Mask-in-Lotion (hydrating) and SK-II Whitening Clear Lotion (lightly exfoliating but no acid whatsoever). Other than that, reach out from their Whitening Spots Specialist when you have spots, this one is always a winner. The SK-II Repair C is a serum that I always pick when I feel I’m in need of hydration boost, that is until I found Hydraluron :p. Of course if you want to splurge, boy oh boy you’re going to love love love LXP!

3. Menard

I got introduced to this brand because they want to do a campaign with Female Daily when I  was still working with them. I instantly became a convert and up until today I’m still using their skincare range. Their skincare price range is quite wide from the reasonable 400,000 range into the hefty price of Rp20juta. No kidding!

I started off with the most basic line Tsukika, the scent of this whole line is amazing. When I used this line I was quite amazed by how good my skin condition is amidst not adding any serum at all but I did follow their 6-step routine cleansing cream – washing cream – massage – lotion – emulsion – cream. Surprisingly, these basics do wonders.

My favourite is Beauness which is practically a pre-essence and in nature works like SK-II FTE. It’s hydrating and balances my skin whenever in trouble. I also step up my game with Lisciare line which I think is great in keeping my skin in its A-game. Sorry, I’m not a teenager anymore once I discover this I never looked back to the Tsukika line. Their Fairlucent Essence is also the head to head competitor of SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist in banishing spots. The Fairlucent daycream is amazing because it’s waterproof, provide broadspectrum protection and doesn’t leave white cast – it does however stinks! Another favourite of mine is the luxurious Embellir Extract which is an all in one anti-ageing serum.

Have you tried any of these brands?

Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

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