Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?


I’m appalled by how many people asked me what’s best for their sensitive skin. This month alone there are plenty of questions surrounding the best skincare for sensitive skin. But hold on. Do you really have sensitive skin? Or it’s all in your head that you have sensitive skin.

This article by WebMD is pretty good in understanding what’s sensitive skin is.

Here are several things that you have to ask yourself.  A set of question to come up with a prognosis of what’s truly your skin condition is. Do you think you’re experiencing just a bad reaction because a product that doesn’t suit you? Is there any ingredient that cause you to breakout? Have you experience this before? If you have, is this because of a certain condition – change in weather, stress, etc – or is it cause by a common string of ingredient in the different products that have caused your breakouts?

Think about it for a second.

I’m not sure how to define a sensitive skin. But all my life the issue of sensitive skin is not a foreign issue within my family. It runs in the family. In fact in many cases of sensitive skin it’s hereditary. 

Take for example, my cousin suffer from chronic atopic dermatitis and she have to rely on dermatologist to keep her skin condition normal. Of course when she understand her skin better she finally took the baby step to try over the counter product but even then she started out with products that cater for sensitive skin and it works. What was the prognosis at that time? She was experiencing severe redness everytime she tried over the counter product and whatever that product is there’s no way to single out an ingredient because there’s no similarity between the different product. She just need extra gentle products to tackle her skin problem.

My daughter on the other hand can’t stand extreme weather change and condition. Whenever the weather becomes too dry, dusty and dirty she would experience something resembling eczema. She will have dry and scaly skin. When she was a baby she had a flaky back which made her having sleeping problem because it was so bloody itchy. I started using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or Menard Beauness on her back for a week straight and that kind of solve the problem. Nowadays, everytime I see her scratching any part of her skin I know what to do. Keep the skin well hydrated and gone are all the problem.

For me. Most of my problem comes from change in weather condition, stress and hormonal change like when I’m experiencing PMS. My skin will flare up, it will look partly red in some of the areas and skincare that doesn’t have any problem under normal circumstances will react on my skin. But considering I’m well experienced in this forte, I know how to handle this situation well.

People with acne problem situation could also be considered having sensitive skin.

The thing about sensitive skin is that you need to stop everything and tackle your sensitive skin first. Everything else comes second after that. Keep your routine small and tight, directly hitting the problem. Unless you know what you’re doing. I know I put a lot of products albeit having sensitive skin situation at times. But I’ve been battling this battle for a long time and I know what works by now.

So, next time you think you have sensitive skin. Think again. Do you really have sensitive skin or you’re having problem of not using your skincare right, the skincare doesn’t work for you or the ingredient is not right for you, and whether you’re putting too much of a new thing at the same time? Take it slow when it comes to skincare. Understand your skin better and take one baby step at a time when incorporating new products.

Because trust me, having sensitive is not only frustrating it’s utterly uncomfortable.

Next time, I’ll talk about what product I’m recommending to many of my family and friends with sensitive skin.

Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?

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