The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p


Last week I talked about using Trilogy products in my skin detox period and I left out the review of Trilogy Everything Balm because I want to do a dedicated review for it. I got this balm from a GWP and it’s only 5ml in size. During the skin detox period I used it as a cleanser.

It’s basically a thick balm that when you spread it out to your skin it melts away and even with only a dollop of it, it able to removes the most stubborn mascara and heaviest foundation. I’m swoon. I love the scent that is much nicer than the oil. Way nicer.

The balm is really thick and reminds me of Eve Lom and Bobbi Brown balm cleanser that you need to flannel off because water will just slide. After a week of using it as PM cleanser for the first cleanser, I still have half tub left. Do I love it? Yes. But …. there’s a but …

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The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p

First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is my first love when it comes to facial oil. Not a day goes by that I thank Lena for introducing me to this wonderful concoction of Rosa Canina Seeds oil – in other word, the wonderful Rosehip oil. Trilogy is my go to brand for  anything Rosehip related. Back in the days this is quite a famous brand because it has the endorsement of celebrities. Upon trying this product, I can see why those celebrities put their sign of approval in this brand because it’s really that good.

What does Rosehip oil do? It helps to heal scar, which means if you have any nasty scar from post acne battle, this will help significantly. It makes your skin appear brighter but I think this is due to your skin condition to be at its good condition and well hydrated so all in all it appears more radiant. Also, it makes your skin feel plumper.

During my skin detox, I used products from Trilogy because they work and they don’t have complicated ingredient list. It’s a tight-knit lot that works effectively with each other.

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First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

What you can buy from Ben Scrub

In an attempt to provide information for my readers, I’ll do a series of informative ‘shopping destination’ on where to buy skincare products that I’ve posted on both my Instagram and in this blog. If, they’re available here in Indonesia.

I first came across Ben Scrub because I was searching for any Instagram or Online shop that sells Australian skincare product. I get most of my stash directly from Australia when friends are travelling to the down under. Much to my surprise, most of the new skincare that I’ve tried so far have been mind blowing so I keep recommending them. Case in point, the brand Antipodes and Goodness, they’re both terrific brands.

So Ben Scrub becomes my go to destination for all Australian skincare, also bath and body products. I’ve also convinced him to add one product that I’m head over heels!

So here are five things that you can purchase at Ben Scrub.

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What you can buy from Ben Scrub

My Skin Detox Routine

As I’ve promised before on the post about detox for the skin, now I want to show you how I incorporate the products into my skincare routine.

As I mentioned before, the principal is to keep it simple. I chose the product from Trilogy because they work for me, simple enough and they provide enough hydration.

However, these steps below can be simplified even more. I’ll explain later at the end.

The first day, I still want to incorporate my heavy duty acid because I don’t want my skin to go without any active at all. So I picked the Biologique Recherce P50. The steps for the AM routine are: Continue reading “My Skin Detox Routine”

My Skin Detox Routine

Detox for the skin

I must admit, I’m one of those people who sparingly use the word ‘detox’ for a cleanse period for anything under the sun – from food to skincare. The reason is because it’s one word that people seem to have the same conception or misconception on. It’s easier for you to explain a cleanse period with ‘detox’. It’s the word du jour.

So what am I talking about exactly when I’m talking about detox for the skin?

As you might all aware my skincare routine is not one you can take lightly. In fact it’s based upon layers and layers of product application. I change my arsenal every so often to accommodate the change in my skin condition. I walk the talk. When I said ‘listen to your skin’, it’s all based on personal experience. Knowing exactly the slightest change in your skin and adapt to it has benefit my skin.

However, there are times when I need to hibernate. In a way that I need to simplify things. Cutting down the steps and getting back to basic. This is what I call detox for the skin.

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Detox for the skin

October empties!

I’ve posted several empties on the Instagram but just realised that I haven’t done that regularly for the blog. Especially considering that #missionempties was a big part of my skincare routine couple of weeks back. Another reason is because last month’s empties contain some of my HG products so they deserve their own post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.28.24 AM

First of the lot, Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream. No need for introduction this one and the whole Lisciare range definitely a HG skincare line for me. I particularly love this cleanser because it’s cream so it feels great on my dry skin, it turns oily in no time and it has that grip and slip that I needed to cleanse my entire face. Unlike it’s younger sister Tsukika range, this cleanser removes even the most stubborn mascara at ease if you massage it thoroughly around the eyes. It’s also easier to remove it with water. This is probably my third or fourth tube and I already have one spare in stock.

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October empties!

Why I keep reaching out for Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Duo

Those that follow my Instagram account must know by now that this product that I’m about to review now is something you often see in my Skincare Arsenal. This Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Duo is something that I thought just normal and doesn’t deliver any wow result but one that I keep reaching out for day in day out. When I’m running out of it, I panicked! I tried to live without it but my skin is addicted to the glow! It’s just one of those products that you’re ok without it but life would be much better with it in it.

Just to make it clear, this product is for those looking for glowing effect on the skin and if you’re not a fan of it, this isn’t for you.

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Why I keep reaching out for Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Duo

Getting Dirty with Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser

Cleansers are the easiest to review because you could tell immediately whether you’re going to love or hate that certain cleanser. Plus you could place whether it’s a first or second cleanser from the get go. Take for instance this Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser (the brand name is a bit misleading, I know!), I immediately knew from the first time I applied this into my face that this is going to be a nice second cleanser or a morning cleanser.

The brand Frank Body is an Australian brand that is famous for its coffee scrub product. They’ve expanded since their initial success with the coffee scrub to facial products: cleanser, scrub and moisturizer. I picked a cleanser to get acquainted with this brand because it’s the easiest.

Frank Body is a brand that centre around the usage of coffee as its main ingredients. Whether it’s natural or not is something that I’m still unsure about but hey they’re not laden with chemical. Not that I shy away from skincare with chemical, but perhaps this could be a deciding factor for someone out there.

The cleanser bottle itself have this catchy line at the back of the bottle “I look dirty so you can look clean”, compared to another muddy looking cleanser that I’ve tried from another brand, such as Glamglow, this is only muddy looking because of the colour. I got this from Benscrub for IDR 379,000, which is pretty reasonable considering it’s 180ml in size. Quite a big bottle! Currently most of my cleansers are in the 100ml size and the price is quite similar. So pricewise, I’m pretty happy.

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Getting Dirty with Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser

The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal


Vitamin C serum is something of a nightmare when it comes to application step. It stirs a lot of confusion.  I won’t go into detail here but I wanna show you how I wear mine. This is not necessarily right or the best step but upon several methods of application I feel that this is the most comfortable for me, shorter waiting time and it’s still effective.

So here’s the deal with vitamin C serum. It may not be exfoliating ingredient per se but it’s one of those serum that works best on cleanse skin, applied directly to skin and works effectively on low pH. The pH for vitamin C serum to work best is around 2-4 which means skin have to be acidic. In most journal I read, it’s cited that pH at around 3 is best. Anyway, I go by the 2-4 ballpark because it gives me room to move around.

When applying AHA and BHA, a lot of people suggested to go 1. vitamin C, 2. BHA and 3. AHA. You need to wait between application. The logic is because vitamin C need to go on bare skin and need the lowest pH. BHA goes deeper into the skin than AHA. Then there’s the AHA debacle whether it’s Glycolic or Lactic because the latter have bigger molecule so it needs to go last. Confusing?

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The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal

Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser

I’m currently on cleanser frenzy. Sure I’ve been doing double cleansing since forever, but for forever, I don’t have much to consider other than 1. It’s not drying and 2. It removes makeup effectively (if it’s a first cleanser).

Now I have a whole list of things to consider *hyperbole*. But if you’re reading my cleansers review, you must wonder how I get to pick and say I love and not love a certain thing, right?

Here are some of the deciding factors that makes a cleanser stay in my stash:

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.51.49 PM

1. It doesn’t contain SLS

I’m not shaming SLS and this is in no way a scaremongering tactic. I’m not gonna say SLS is bad for the skin and environment and preach endlessly. But what I’m gonna tell you is that from the moment I knew that SLS could cause a sensitive skin breakout more easily I decided to stay away from this ingredient. Also, it’s one of the many ingredients that cause your skin to feel dry. Eversince I skip SLS, I feel much better about my skin. I still have one or two cleansers that have SLS just because I love the overall feel of it.

Read more about this no SLS adventure in this article in Female Daily.

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Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser