#365inskincare the Clear Lotion Edition

This is PM skincare from couple night’s ago that I’ve shared in Instagram. I wanna show you the step with clear lotion and if I use resurfacing/peeling mask. I don’t like to over exfoliate if I don’t need to.

First cleanse with @thebodyshop Nutriganics Cleansing Gel Oil. Followed by @sampar_ind for second cleanse and doubled as mask, leave it on for about 3 minutes before I massage with wet palms and rinse it.

I don’t use acid toner, instead I use clear lotion. Japanese & Korean clear lotion helps to lift dead skin cells, but mildly and no acid at all. This might be something that younger skin could benefit from. Used @menard_id Fairlucent Clear Lotion.

Spritz abit of @skii Facial Treatment Essence, with this I sometime use it before or after hydrating toner. Depends on what my skin feel. Truthfully I’m still abit confuse with the first essence step myself.

Give hydration back to the skin by doing CSM with this huge Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid lotion.

Nourish the skin with @antipodesskincare Worship and treat with Joyous.

Since I have dry skin, I cannot be without hydrating serum. This time it’s the @drjartid Water Up Serum and seal everything with @antipodesskincare Vanilla Pod Day Cream (yes, I know it’s a day cream but I love the scent). Eyes is the usual suspect @aesopskincare Parsley Seed Eye Serum.

#365inskincare the Clear Lotion Edition

2 thoughts on “#365inskincare the Clear Lotion Edition

  1. Dear amal, ak br coba double cleanse (TBS camomile cleansing balm n Dr. bronner) n double toning (homemade mix raw apple cider n water, and neutrogena free alcohol toner) so far seneng ma hasilnya, trs skrg mo brightening my skin, br beli apostle antipodes n hylamide C25, pakenya boleh d combine ga? Br mulai pk apostle nya, 2x sehari, after Iris Kiehls, before Complexion Rescue Bare Mineral. Hylamide nya boleh d selipin or tunggu apostle abis sebotol? Kalo malem, tambah Bravura Glycolic Acid dan Trilogy Rosehip + antioxidant. Thx for the reply..

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