Steal hairmilk from HQ7 that you need to get now!

We all know how good argan oil is for the hair. For the last couple of years there seems to be  cornucopia of products popping up in the market for the hair, or face, that have an inkling of argan oil in it. Well this product was gifted to me by a friend because it was a new brand that was established by someone we both knew. So I feel kinda obligated to give this product a try.

Well first of all, the size is small. But then the price is more or less IDR 20,000. I forgot how much exactly. There’s a mixture of pleasant smell but when you first spray it, there’s a slight chemical-like scent that I don’t really like but it disappear quickly. So when I first used it, I note that it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

Anyway, because it’s a hairmilk the texture is really light and almost watery. It doesn’t feel oily at all but it maintains my hair hydrated and not frizzy at all on the days that I’m using the hairdryer. I like to use it before I use the hairdryer because my hair feels lighter and silkier. Also I use this whenever I come home and I feel like my hair smell bad – like when I go for Lamb Satay for dinner and the place reeks with the smell of lamb and it’s smoky, it can get really bad for the hair. The scent just lingers when you fell asleep. So I just spray abit of this and I slept like a baby.

Considering it’s truly a steal, and a lifesaver, it doesn’t hurt that next time you see this in the chemist, get it. It’s a purchase you’re not gonna regret.

Steal hairmilk from HQ7 that you need to get now!

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