Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser

I’m currently on cleanser frenzy. Sure I’ve been doing double cleansing since forever, but for forever, I don’t have much to consider other than 1. It’s not drying and 2. It removes makeup effectively (if it’s a first cleanser).

Now I have a whole list of things to consider *hyperbole*. But if you’re reading my cleansers review, you must wonder how I get to pick and say I love and not love a certain thing, right?

Here are some of the deciding factors that makes a cleanser stay in my stash:

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.51.49 PM

1. It doesn’t contain SLS

I’m not shaming SLS and this is in no way a scaremongering tactic. I’m not gonna say SLS is bad for the skin and environment and preach endlessly. But what I’m gonna tell you is that from the moment I knew that SLS could cause a sensitive skin breakout more easily I decided to stay away from this ingredient. Also, it’s one of the many ingredients that cause your skin to feel dry. Eversince I skip SLS, I feel much better about my skin. I still have one or two cleansers that have SLS just because I love the overall feel of it.

Read more about this no SLS adventure in this article in Female Daily.

2. Have the right pH

Apparently another reason that can cause your skin to feel really dry after washing your skin is cleansers that have pH that are too high. Those closest to pH balance of 5.5 are the best kind of cleansers. So I opt for cleansers with low pH. Of course like no 1, I still have one or two cleansers that are not exactly on the mark with the pH number but it’s because those cleansers work for me in the past and I have no problem with them. I’ve written a lengthy explanation about this here.

3. Smells divine!

I’m willing to pay more for cleanser that have that lux and lush kind of scent so that I can take my time massaging it around my skin and relax while I’m at it.

4. Easy to wash off

I like cleanser that emulsify easily and I can cleanse without the help of flannel. But I also keep cleanser that I can only rinse off with the help of flannel because when my skin is super dry I need to these kind of cleansers.

Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser

4 thoughts on “Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser

  1. nadya says:

    Halo, mbak deszell, duh nyesel baru tau blog mbak akhir2 ini, krn baru akhir2 ini jg concern bgt mslh skincare. Tp lbh baik terlambat drpd nggak sama sekali kan, mbak? Hehehe. Aku mau nanya, mbak, kan trnyata sls itu nggak terlalu bagus buat kulit dan aku mau nyoba buat menghindari jg. Klo misal aku pake produk nya cleansing cream sm cleansing oil buat double cleanse yg hrs dipake pertama yg mana ya, mbak ? Atau mungkin sebaiknya salah satu ada yg diganti krn fungsinya sama2 first/second cleanser ?
    Maaf ya klo nanya nya panjang, mbak, aku msh bingung bgt soalnya

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