October empties!

I’ve posted several empties on the Instagram but just realised that I haven’t done that regularly for the blog. Especially considering that #missionempties was a big part of my skincare routine couple of weeks back. Another reason is because last month’s empties contain some of my HG products so they deserve their own post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.28.24 AM

First of the lot, Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream. No need for introduction this one and the whole Lisciare range definitely a HG skincare line for me. I particularly love this cleanser because it’s cream so it feels great on my dry skin, it turns oily in no time and it has that grip and slip that I needed to cleanse my entire face. Unlike it’s younger sister Tsukika range, this cleanser removes even the most stubborn mascara at ease if you massage it thoroughly around the eyes. It’s also easier to remove it with water. This is probably my third or fourth tube and I already have one spare in stock.

The Mizon Sun Protect System is new to my routine. I’m game for any sunscreen from Japan or Korea because they’re usually lightweight, don’t feel heavy, absorbs faster than the Western counterpart and most importantly leave no thick whitecast. Considering I usually finish my sunscreen quite fast, a tube a month or so, I would prefer my everyday sunscreen to be in the affordable range. And this is it.

Goodness Chia Seed Oil is also new to the routine but it instantly made its way to HG position and I’ve repurchased and waiting for it to come. I love its versatility that able to make my skin behave and perform at its best. It doesn’t have funny scent and it’s not too heavy for both day and night use. Full review can be found here.

Both Corinne de Farme Almond Oil and The Body Shop Beauty Oil are my go to body oil. Again I usually finish body oil in no time so I have to have a good mix between affordable, lux and a little bit of both. Corinne de Farme falls into the affordable category whereas The Body Shop is the little bit of both. Both are hydrating enough for the skin and I especially love the nutty scent of the Brazillian Nut.

October empties!

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