Detox for the skin

I must admit, I’m one of those people who sparingly use the word ‘detox’ for a cleanse period for anything under the sun – from food to skincare. The reason is because it’s one word that people seem to have the same conception or misconception on. It’s easier for you to explain a cleanse period with ‘detox’. It’s the word du jour.

So what am I talking about exactly when I’m talking about detox for the skin?

As you might all aware my skincare routine is not one you can take lightly. In fact it’s based upon layers and layers of product application. I change my arsenal every so often to accommodate the change in my skin condition. I walk the talk. When I said ‘listen to your skin’, it’s all based on personal experience. Knowing exactly the slightest change in your skin and adapt to it has benefit my skin.

However, there are times when I need to hibernate. In a way that I need to simplify things. Cutting down the steps and getting back to basic. This is what I call detox for the skin.

Let me repeat how I choose my product for skincare detox programme:

  1. Make the step as simple as possible
  2. Basic skincare ingredient, nothing too lavish or complicated

Since last weekend, I have been on the detox programme and today mark exactly a week since I first started. I choose to go with the Trilogy products because I know that rosehip give enough nourishment for the skin and hydration but the ingredient itself is not too complicated.

However, ideally I would prefer if I have a basic skincare line such as Avene to do this detox because the ingredient is so simple and not complicated at all. The basic range is great at maintaining skin’s condition without overdoing it and it’s enough.

I rely on these four products: cleansing balm and cream, oil and night cream. Other than that I want to include an exfoliating toner, hydrating toner and day cream. Sound simple enough for yours truly right? However this step can be as simple as double cleansing – hydrating toner – moisturiser – sunscreen (daytime only).

As for the steps, I’ll write it down in another post.

I usually do a week of detox, before jumping right back into the usual skincare routine. Or, when I’m heavily changing from one brand to the next for review purposes I will do a detox to sort of shock my system before starting with a new routine.

Why detox? I think it’s good to shock your system once in a while and by the time you get back in the bandwagon, your skin is ready for an ever harder work. Usually when my skin plateau against a skincare product, detox helps to remedy this situation. Even when you’re not using one skincare product for a long period of time there seems to be a time when any product that you’re using seems to reach that plateau point faster than ever before. This is where detox will be very useful.

Now that my one week is up, I’m ever so excited getting back into my routine.




Detox for the skin

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