What you can buy from Ben Scrub

In an attempt to provide information for my readers, I’ll do a series of informative ‘shopping destination’ on where to buy skincare products that I’ve posted on both my Instagram and in this blog. If, they’re available here in Indonesia.

I first came across Ben Scrub because I was searching for any Instagram or Online shop that sells Australian skincare product. I get most of my stash directly from Australia when friends are travelling to the down under. Much to my surprise, most of the new skincare that I’ve tried so far have been mind blowing so I keep recommending them. Case in point, the brand Antipodes and Goodness, they’re both terrific brands.

So Ben Scrub becomes my go to destination for all Australian skincare, also bath and body products. I’ve also convinced him to add one product that I’m head over heels!

So here are five things that you can purchase at Ben Scrub.

1. Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser

I’ve recently reviewed this cleanser here, which is a basically a nice nondescript cleanser that have no SLS, no paraben and the right pH. It’s also non drying and feels soft on the skin. The price is around IDR 379,000 for 180ml, a reasonable pricing point. Of course the whole range of Frank Body scrub and skincare are also available for purchase.

2. Dermalogica Starter Kit

Not exactly an Aussie brand, this brand is made by British doctor that now resides in the USA and it’s quite famous in Australia. This is a great way to get acquainted with the Dermalogica products, which is a great range of products made by dermatologist and I heard quite effective as well. I’ve had this from couple of months ago and haven’t found the right occasion to try it until now. But considering it consists of 4 trial products and most of Dermalogica trial kit will set you back USD 20 or 30, this is truly value for money. It will set you back for IDR 375,000 because it’s currently on sale at Ben Scrub.

3. Goodness Oil

Meet my favourite oil du jour. This chia seeds oil is loaded with omega 3 and 6. I’ve written a full review here. My skin is behaving at its best whenever I used this oil. It cost IDR 309,000 at Ben Scrub and it’s originally sold for AUD 20. So not bad at all, right?

I’m just so surprised after our random skincare talk and some praising toward this oil, Ben is actually convinced to stock this and this was probably a month ago or even less.

4. Antipodes Worship Antioxidant Oil

I’m in love with Antipodes from the get go. I got my first Antipodes product in the same batch with the Goodness Oil, in fact the whole thing from my Aussie Haul are now available on the Ben Scrub, including the Aesop products. I love the Antipodes Divine Face Oil and not long after I added some more Antipodes products. This Worship serum in particular is a lightweight, almost water-like texture, which you can easily layer up with your other serum and it’s great for Indonesia tropic weather and also another armour to fight for UV pollution. The price is IDR 699,000.

5. Grown Alchemist Detox Serum Antioxidant+3

This is a new brand for me and also a new product. I haven’t try it yet but the brand really pique my interest because they have minimalist design and their product are natural. It’s not exactly cheap but considerably less pricey than Aesop. This particular serum is sold for IDR 789,000.

Out of these five products, two were sent by Ben Scrub to me, which is the Frank and Grown Alchemist products. The rest of them, I hauled it directly from Australia.

Now I know I still have few unopened products but I’m already building my wishlist such as the Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Rosehip & Camellia Seed Oil, Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Masque, Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser or Hallelujah Cream Cleanser, or just some more of Antipodes Serum which is the only that I haven’t gotten yet that is the Hosanna H20 Skin Plumping Serum or the famous Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream.

Frankly, I’m currently confused at the moment. Need to sort out that wishlist ASAP! Or not.

What you can buy from Ben Scrub

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