My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

I want to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare routine, but I haven’t yet found one that tick in all the right boxes. That is until Affi told me about this Sampar The Impossible C-Rum. Affi have even more sensitive skin than mine. We’ve both previously tested the OST C20 serum and Affi had quite the nasty effect. Knowing this, I combined my usual ‘balancing the skin’ cocktail of skincare arsenal to make the OST C20 works. Sure it worked wonderfully, but when I didn’t use the right combination, it made my skin red and itchy. Thus, I wasn’t that excited about vitamin C although I know how beneficial it is for the skin.

Knowing that this C-Rum is alright on her, I dive into a bottle of it without any hesitation.  

It’s packaged in a pipette drop bottle and a solid pink bottle that will protect the vitamin C from oxidising.

I love the nice whimsical scent of this product that is soft. No particular scent there but it’s just nice. For me the sensory part of a product is equally important. The colour of the serum is milky white, which is surprising  considering most vitamin C serum that I’ve come across is either transparent or slightly yellow-ish liquid and rarely milky in texture.

This product promises 5 in 1 action which includes firmness, anti-wrinkles, hydration, dark spots and radiance. Let’s tick all the boxes one by one.

Firmness, I could’t really tell because I don’t have any problem with firmness yet.

Anti-wrinkles, I notice the texture of my skin looking better, there’s a slight improvement on the lines on both sides of my nose but it’s not significantly better.

Hydration, vitamin C serum tend to be really drying on me and this one isn’t. At all! But, I still need a hydrating serum to make sure that my skin’s hydration level is maintained.

Dark spots, I had several dark spots when I used this and surprise surprise it look better. But it haven’t completely disappear. Of course I also diligently using acid toner.

Radiance, this one is a straight ace because after incorporating this for a week I can see my face looks brighter although my foundation shade stays the same. So I conclude that my skin radiance is getting significantly better.

Bonus point it seems that this make my overall skin condition to be better and vitamin C is loaded with antioxidant so it made a huge impact on my skin. On top of that, I feel no negative reaction at all even when my skin is at its worst condition. I tried using other vitamin C serum during my ‘sensitive skin’ phase and my skin became a bit red and itchy. But not with this one. I switched between the two vitamin C just to see how my skin reacted during that bad phase of my skin life :p

I use this during day time, it’s a bit complicated, but you can read it all here about the steps and waiting time. I piled on a lot of sunscreen because it is afterall vitamin C serum. The reason why I want to use vitamin C during the day is because I used vitamin A (Retinol) and/or vitamin B (Niacinamide) during night time. While vitamin C and A are not enemy to each other but they’re working, sort of, in a ‘different speed’ so I prefer them to be used separately. However, vitamin C is not a good combination with Niacinamide. There’s a more technical explanation, but you get the gist, right?

What’s so good about this product is it’s not only loaded with vitamin C, though I heard the dosage is not that high, but there’s also peptides in this. Vitamin C even in it’s low dosage is still beneficial for the skin. Whereas peptides is a really good anti-ageing ingredient. Good in way that it helps the skin cells to communicate with each other so that it can communicate with each other to repair skin by itself and also it’s a moisture-binding ingredient.

This product isn’t exactly cheap, it’s IDR 960,000 for 30ml but it’s really a good stuff. You can purchase it at Beauty Box or Sociolla.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.42.59 PMCurrently Beauty Box is having a special package called Age Antidote Series where you get three products including this one. Do check that one out as I think it’s a real bargain. Other than the C-Rum you also get Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel that’s another favourite of mine. I write about how it’s on par with the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Gene mask  effect here. Plus you get two Glamglow mask for free!

This bottle of C-Rum was given to me for a review purpose.

My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

4 thoughts on “My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

  1. Rika says:

    Hi Deszell,

    Ini bisa dipakai malam pas kita gak pake retinol kan? Di slot serum atau sebelum serum? Fyi, I use Ren omega 3 optimum skin serum oil under my night moisturizer. Tks..

      1. Rika says:

        Berarti setelah acid toner kayak di postingan sebelumnya dengan waiting time 15 – 20 menit ya? Thanks ya Deszell, kalo baca blog luar malah sering bingung.. 🙂 That’s why I keep following your blogposts whether it’s on fd or here 🙏🏼

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