How do you use your SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

I asked three different ladies how do they use their SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

Anggun and Sha
The renowned Indonesian singer and songwriter that made it in the International arena, Anggun, uses hers by decanting it to Muji spray bottle and just spritz it away. Now that they have the spray bottle she prefer that one.

Sha, the witty Thai digital influencer and writer, uses hers by pouring the Facial Treatment Essence into her palm and pat it into her skin.

But here’s the most interesting explanation on how to use it. After the jump.

Me with the SK-II Indonesia team at the SK-II event at Mal Kelapa Gading, and of course Shu Qi (third from the left)
My favourite way of how to use the Facial Treatment Essence is from Fu Shu Qi – the Brand Communications Manager for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia -, she said she recommended using the product with cotton pad. Not just any cotton pad but make sure that the cotton pad is a pretty solid one that doesn’t transfer cotton fibres into your skin. She mentioned about cloth like cotton pad that doesn’t have cotton fibres and stretchable. This is the kind of cotton pad that I also uses for CSM and it’s quite easy to find in Singapore. Unfortunately, here, in Indonesia it’s not available. Considering the cotton pad is really think and the texture is cloth like it also transfer your liquid straight to your skin and it doesn’t drink up liquid as much as normal cotton pad. But if it’s any consolation, I also love The Body Shop cotton pad because they leave no fibre residue on my skin.

When I asked her why cotton pad over patting or spraying? Shu Qi explained that the plane of our hands are uneven and it’s hard to make sure that we’ve applied our Facial Treatment Essence evenly when you cup your face with your hands. Especially on the area such as the corners of your nose, etc.

As for yours truly. I’ve been a firm believer of applying SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with cotton pad from day one. I feel the effect is more feasible when I’m using cotton pad. It soaked up to my skin and it helps with light exfoliation on my skin.

Now, if you think SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is a staple in your skincare arsenal, or even if you’re only just about jumping on the bandwagon, now it’s the time to get yourself a bottle of this great bottle because every year without a fail, SK-II always releases their limited edition for the holiday seasons. Now it’s the time to get yourself a #SKIIGifts because the limited edition bottle is just too pretty to pass.

How do you use your SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

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