HG: Current favourite Retinol Serum, PTR Retinol Fusion PM

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite serums, it’s one of those that made it into the HG status. Believe me, when it comes to HG status, I don’t give it away easily. I think in the next coming weeks or so I’ll be writing several review of HG products. When you’ve tried a lot of products like yours truly, it becomes harder and harder to get impressed by something let alone putting ‘HG’ next to it. But when it delivers impressive result and you want to keep on buying it, it’s definitely worth it.

Vitamin A or retinol is something that I want in my routine because it’s really good for the skin. If you’re above 21, you might want to invest early in retinol because it provides such a good result in making your skin texture and smoothness wonderful. It’s also a great ingredient to help with cellular turnover. On top of that, research shown that retinol is one of the ingredients that doesn’t plateau over long period of usage, on the contrary, the benefit increases overtime and your skin condition will look even better. However, some people do get a sensitive reaction from using retinol such as sensitivity, dryness, redness, etc. I myself, follow those that choose to have a break period in between the retinol serum usage because my skin is really dry and at times suffer from redness and I don’t wanna push it too far.

What is it?

This is basically a potent over the counter retinol serum. Though it contains 1.5% it’s not to be mistaken by doctor prescribed Tretinoin. It’s also loaded with vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) and E (Tocopherol). There’s also Bisabol, Squalene and Alchol present. I’ll discuss more in details.

Packaging and texture

This is packaged in pipette glass bottle with dark colouring. The texture is watery but velvety upon application. It creates a nice slippery canvas for anything you apply afterward. It sinks in really fast. I think Alcohol plays big part in creating this wonderful thin consistency. Mind you, I don’t really shy away from alcohol in skincare as long as whatever else other ingredients that follow afterward inside the bottle can balance out this.

A little more on the ingredient

Vitamin A and C seems like a great idea together because they work wonders to the skin, so why not mixing them together. One of the reasons that I love this serum is because it has all three of the vitamins in one bottle. It’s also equipped with Bisabol to tackle inflammation and Squalene to trap in moisture. One of the things why Retinol irritates the skin is because it makes your skin dry and I find adding a hydrating ingredient helps. I also add hyaluronic acid serum afterward for hydration boost and it gives even better result to my skin.

What do I think of it?

Obviously I love it. What’s really apparent from using this for more than two or three months intermittently is that my skin texture is suppler, better and it looks so smooth. I think you can really benefit from adding Retinol into your skin arsenal.

This particular product also used a microencapsulated retinol where ut protects it from light, heat and air so it lasts longer in the bottle as you open and close the bottle. It doesn’t degrade as quickly. It also means that the retinol will dissolve into your skin partially throughout the night/day, depending on when you use it. Because your skin absorbing it partially over the time, you don’t get all the power of the retinol at one go, which is why it’s safer for sensitive skin.

One thing that you need to know about incorporating retinol into your arsenal if you’re a newbie, build your routine accordingly. Introduce it to your skin slowly over a period of time and once you get the hang of it by all means just get on with it.

It’s also advisable not to mix it with AHA/BHA because these acids breaks down the retinoid and render it ineffective. Also both ingredients work in different pH, acid of course works in acidic pH whereas retinol on neutral pH. But, I did mix their usage together. I tend to use retinol during night time because I want to let my acid toner to work on my skin before I’m adding my hydrating lotion, which at pH 5.5 or more will neutralise the pH. Thus I let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes before I’m moving on to the next step.

A bottle of 30ml cost USD 65, I know it’s quite steep, but considering retinol serum are in this price range, this is quite understandable. Also, microencapsulated retinol have steeper price range. The light texture means you need to apply very little to your skin, I suspect a bottle can lasts you for 4-6 months if you use it nightly.

HG: Current favourite Retinol Serum, PTR Retinol Fusion PM

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