SK-II R.N.A Essence & the Power of Niacinamide

I was very intrigued by this serum when it first launched in Indonesia. The red bottle surely communicate that this is within the same class of the older version SK-II Stempower. As it turns out, slowly the Stempower will be replaced by the new R.N.A. Power – both the cream and the essence. While Stempower is easily a lovable product both for SK-II lovers and otherwise, but somehow it didn’t hit the right note with me. Perhaps because compared to the other SK-II essences and cream that I’ve been using Stempower doesn’t tick more boxes than it should. If you notice, Stempower is one line that I never really gave a review on, whether on my blog or Female Daily. Because I wasn’t quite sure how to review it.

Now with the renewed version R.N.A. Power that promises better result and better consistency, I surely have high hopes for it. Supposedly this red bottle of miracle helps to target the signs of ageing. It promises firmer skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores and makes your skin softer and brighter.

In one day your pores will appear smaller. Inten  days you will see significant difference in your skin – more hydrated, firmer, softer fine lines, skin feels more supple and radiance. After one bottle you will see the lines and smiling lines will decrease significantly.

What do you think? Too good to be true?

First thing first. The packaging. It’s house in solid red pipette bottle. Which means whatever juice inside is protected from the sunlight because the bottle is solid. The slanted pipette is also a nice one, giving you enough product and easy to work with.

The texture of the essence is smooth, milky and not gritty. It’s milky white in colour. On a clean skin this essence absorbs wonderfully. Though it doesn’t appear that light, I’m surprise by how fast my skin accept this essence.

Here’s what’s inside the bottle. Niacinamide. Lot’s of Niacinamide. If you haven’t already heard about this ingredient it’s a vitamin B3 derivative that’s really good to treat the sign of ageing because this ingredient allow the cells to communicate with each other effectively. It’s like giving each of the skin cells a mobile phone with 4G connection in it. If there’s something wrong between the cells they are able to communicate with each other and behave and act accordingly. It’s also one ingredient that Asian skin loves. This gives a smoother and radiant looking skin without sensitising the skin nor drying it out. Whereas the same effect could be achieved with vitamin C but many sensitive and dry skin often complain of how they could not use anything with vitamin C because it cause redness and dryness on their skin.

Here’s the thing, there are alot of Niacinamide serum out there. Fact is there are alot more with cheaper price tag. So what’s so special about this one?

I used this for two weeks incorporating it with my other skincare before I started the skin detox. After the detox I continued to use this for the next couple of weeks until I come into a solid conclusion to give a review. I find using this in a simpler way and after the skin detox gives the essence a room for it to work at its most effective. I love how it sinks so fast into my skin. I even love the result more. My skin is radiant and glowing like nothing before. My skin seems to love Niacinamide so much. It also appear smoother. This essence also feels way hydrating compared to the Stempower. But in terms of fine lines and suppleness I did not see any significant result.

Do I think this worth the purchase? If you’re already using SK-II I really recommend to incorporate this into your routine to get that glow from within skin. But if you haven’t already used SK-II products, I really think you should really start from the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This essence is a cocktail of Pitera and lots of Niacinamide and it’s best that you get your skin accustom first to the Pitera before jumping into the bandwagon of a stronger essence from SK-II.

SK-II R.N.A Essence & the Power of Niacinamide

5 thoughts on “SK-II R.N.A Essence & the Power of Niacinamide

  1. ingridnadya says:

    Mbak amal,
    Ini dipake siang atau malam? Is it okay to combine it with other vitamin C serum (skinceuticals CE ferulic serum)

  2. anggia says:

    Hi mba, pencerahan dong. Aku baru beli retinol reface indeedlab. Pertanyaannya, tetap bisa pake skii fte kah? Kalo bisa, sebaiknya sebelum ato sesudah retinol? Aku banyak baca kalau retinol sebaiknya dipakai di fresh-cleaned face. Thanks in advance untuk pencerahannya. You’re such an inspiration.

    1. deszell says:

      Aku sih pakainya setelah FTE soalnya berasanya nggak enak aja. Dan rasanya buat aku sama efektifnya. Dicoba aja trial and error kalau sama-sama aja pakai setelah FTE aja. BTW thank you for the kind words 😘

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