Serums on current rotation

I got asked alot whether I change my serum everyday.

The answer is no and yes. 

NO because I tend to stick with few serums as centre pieces for my AM and PM skincare interchangeably.

Currently they are:

1. AM mostly revolve around Antioxidant because I want to protect myself from sunrays damages. Hence @antipodesnature Worship serum. 

2. For PM I opt for more potent treatment such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Currently using @novexpertofficiel booster vitamkn C and @ptrskin Retinol Fusion PM.

Also I tend to add boosters like pre-essence and hydration, using @hanyulofficial Optimizing Serum & @novexpertofficiel Hyaluronique. Can be used AM/PM whenever you feel necessary.

There’s also targeted treatment:

1. When I’m having my PMS and don’t want breakout taking over my life I would add @kyprisbeauty Clearing Serum to my routine to balance out my skin.

2. AHA/BHA treatment for once a week or a full week once a month. Currently using AMPM BHA serum and @pixibeauty overnight glow serum.

I hope this answer why I have so many serums on the rotation.

Serums on current rotation

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