Odacite Ba+S, a potent concentrate for the eyes area

I had this Odacite Ba+S serum concentrate for Eye Contour last month. This is a 1ml sample that I got from Naturisimo. If you’re not acquainted yet with Odacite serum concentrate, it’s basically a 5ml serum that is filled with plant extracts and bio-actives and if you think serum is already concentrated enough, think again. This one is way more potent.

The idea is that you can mix and match your Odacite serum concentrate according to your skin needs. You can mix more than one at one go by mixing them on your palm and apply it on your face directly or you can mix it with your moisturiser.

It’s not the cheapest product out there considering there’s very little product, 5ml, for around £25 to £45. Pricey!

But here’s a reason to love it.

I love the simplicity of how each element is advertised clearly on the name of product. Like this one is Ba+S which in the Odacite “periodic table” means it’s brimming with Baobab and Sarsaparilla. Baobab is rich source of vitamin A, E, F and plant sterols and said to be good in combating all the signs of ageing. Mainly it helps with maintaining elasticity so your eye area appear finer and the crowfeet looks manageable. While Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa Neroli and Lavender oils help to “iron out creases”, puffiness and brighten dark circles.

Now I only had 1ml at my disposal which I thought will only last me a week. Apparently it lasted for more than 4 weeks which in those period I feel significant difference. I used it during nightime only mostly.

Here’s what I think. The texture is not as thick as I though. It doesn’t make my eyelid oily after it absorbs to the skin and if you wear an eye primer, your eye makeup should be fine. The scent is amazing!

But … what I love most that it feels hydrating, my fine lines looks better and it looks better all around. However I did not see any improvement on puffiness and dark circles. Altogether an impressive eye care that I will get one day in the future. If I get these all improvements in just four weeks time and only night time use, this must be good stuff right?

This is sold for £33 at Cult Beauty.

Odacite Ba+S, a potent concentrate for the eyes area

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