December 2015 empties! And it’s a big one!

This empties is from early December and I should have written about it sooner. It was a pretty huge stash clearance and I’m pretty much a happy camper. When you’re talking about skincare, it’s not about what new stuff you buy, but what you’ve finished and thinking of repurchasing. And this lot right here have a lot of good ones!

So let’s start, after the jump.

1. Indeed Laboratories Exfoliator

A pretty decent enzyme wash powder that doesn’t have granule that’s too soft nor too big. It’s just enough. It’s great even for when your hands are dry and started cracking. Just wash your hands with it, and it will help solve the problem. No kidding! I love that this bottle has the right pH and doesn’t feel drying and seems to last forever. However this isn’t my favourite, I still prefer Fancl or Sum 37 enzyme powder better. But considering it isn’t easy finding Fancl and Sum 37 is expensive, this is a decent choice.

2. Menard Embellir liquid and day cream

Oh these two I love! I just don’t like the price. They’re selling for around IDR 2,5 mil and above *die*. But the liquid is magic, whenever my face feels dehydrated it seem to resolve the problem within 24 hours. Whereas the day cream feels light, hydrating yet gives coverage. Super love.

3. Menard Herb Mask

This mask is a great one for cleansing your pores without the help of deep cleansing mask filled with clay. Which is a great more hydrating option. Another keeper from Menard. This batch is a heartbreaker, filled with star products from Menard.

4. Menard Beauness Spray

I told you. Heartbreaker! This is a great hydration touch up for midday and it’s the same formulation as the famous Beauness. Not to be mistaken as a replacement of the traditional Beauness.

5. L’Occitane Lavande hand wash

I’ve been in love with this since the first time I used this at Toscana’s restroom. I must have this. The soothing and calming lavender scent lingers for hours after I washed my hands.

6. Molton Brown

I don’t even remember the name. Not my most favourite gel shower from Molton Brown. Not worth remembering. Seriously.

7. The Body Shop Moringa Beautfying Oil

So sad that they’re discontinuing the whole beautifying oil range cause this is a staple on my body care regimen. I usually finished a bottle every month and this is the last one on my stash. Goodbye dear friend. May your predecessor be better and not bloody expensive.

8. Bioderman Hydrabio Brume

A great alternative for those of you looking for Serozinc high and low, this is good for sensitive skin. Though I think Serozinc still excel in some areas but it’s not worth the hassle. You can just get this. The spray is fine and you can use as hydrating toner or to just freshen up mid day.

We’re half way there!

9. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

A very luxurious, nice textured cleansing oil. Light, cleanse makeup well, emulsify easily and has a nice scent. Although I prefer this on my skin and not to cleanse makeup.

10. Ren cleansing milk

I prefer the Trilogy cleansing milk better.

11. Trilogy cleansing milk

A great creamy second cleanser or AM cleanser. I’ve written a bit here.

12. Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

A nice, light, creamy night cream. Quite basic I reckon but great for a night treatment kinda thing.

13. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

Need I say more? This is my first love when it comes to oil.

14. Antipodes Divine Face Oil

The first ever Antipodes product that I tried and it makes me fall in love with the brand! This particular oil is great for hydration especially to seal them in. Not for treatment oil IMO.

15. Menard Beauness Mask

Oh this is great when your skin is acting up, in period of changes and also experiencing change of weather. I can’t live without this.

16. Merumaya Cleansing Balm

This is the bomb! I love this more than Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm. You need to get a way to get this because the smell is amazing, the texture is gelish and not too thick. Easy to emulsify and the rest you can read it here.

Last one! This feels like a marathon and this is the last leg.

17! L’Occitane hand creams

I have several hand creams distributed between different part of the house/rooms and also bags and pouches. I love them and they’re a staple.

December 2015 empties! And it’s a big one!

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