Antipodes Worship Serum for antioxidant benefit


My collection of Antipodes skincare grow from zero to many in only short span of time. It’s easy to love this brand. The products are all natural, they use some of the best ingredients and of good quality, a really appealing packaging, great texture and scent! With the exception of only several items, most of their products smell wonderful. Most importantly they all work great on my skin so far.

One of the very first serums that I tried from Antipodes is this Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum. I picked this one because at that time I needed extra antioxidant  on my skincare arsenal and my fellow skincare addict Nopai and Rika both have tried this and always praise this product. So I took the plunge and get a bottle myself.

What is it?

From the website: Keep skin youthful! Fortify skin cells against early ageing and free radical damage with this water-based serum accenting the antioxidant potency of New Zealand-grown superfruit.


The main ingredient here is Vinanza Oxifend Plus which is an Antipodes special mix of superfruit complex from New Zealand grown boysenberries, blackcurrants and kiwifruit, along with Vinanza Grape from grape seeds.

Why antioxidant?

I don’t want to go to scientific. But basically one you feel the benefit of antioxidant you’ll get hooked. Only if you preserver. It’s somewhat similar of the good feeling of eating good food or taking enough vitamins for your body. This is what I feel for the skin. It helps skin with oxidative stress and especially help skin fight against the negative effect of sun rays exposure.

What do I think of this serum?

If you’re into layering serum or love something that give your skin an extra kick, this serum is certainly it. I feel that when I’m using this my skin feels better, like when I’m using the Goodness Chia Seed Oil. The difference is that, that one is oil whereas this one is a water-based serum. It’s so runny that it easily slip off your palm easily when you put it in between your palms. The colour is dirty brown, a bit off, but the smell is amazing. It take away all the doubt about the product.

Since it’s water-based, it’s really easy to use this product because it absorbs easily into the skin. Upon contact with the skin I feel my skin tighten. A nice tightening feeling not one that makes you worried whether your skin is getting extra dry.

The immediate result of this serum alone after using it for weeks is that my skin doesn’t easily react to sun rays exposure anymore – usually it gets red easily in a way that it cause my skin to turn sensitive and itchy. Another benefit that I feel is that my skin feels softer. Combining it other serum makes this a really nice serum to layer on with my vitamin C or A serum which tend to feel really drying on the skin and already leaves a rather thick feeling on the skin.

This serum cost AUD 53.96, and I know there are other good serum from Antipodes, but this certainly worth to try because it’s hard to find an antioxidant serum that doesn’t feel like such a rip off and with great texture.



Antipodes Worship Serum for antioxidant benefit

8 thoughts on “Antipodes Worship Serum for antioxidant benefit

  1. […] Kemasan produk ini adalah botol beling dengan pipet dan teksturnya sangat cair yang mengingatkan saya akan cold press juice. Warna dari serumnya yang cokelat tua mungkin pada awalnya akan membuat kita berpikir dua kali sebelum menggunakannya di wajah, but once you experience the feel of it on your face you’re going to be a convert. Ulasan selengkapnya bisa baca di sini. […]

  2. Hi! @deszell

    Sebelum pakai antipodes worship, kulitku sedang berjerawat tapi nggak terlalu banyak. Aku memang sedang kurang tidur.

    Kemudian, saat pakai antipodes worship, jerawat bertambah dan besar-besar.

    Hmmm, apa mungkin itu karena antipodes ini, ya? Soalnya, aku sama sekali belum menemukan bad review tentang produk ini.

    1. deszell says:

      Mungkin saja soalnya kan ini all natural product. Tapi mungkin yah kelanjutan dari jerawat yang belum keluar?

  3. mirnote says:

    hai deszell…
    saya sudah 4tahun tidak merawat muka karena hamil dan menyusui.jadi muka agak kusam,komedo, jerawat – tapi tidak banyak dan bekas jerawat pastinya..

    kalau misalnya setelah double cleansing saya pake pixi glow tonic-skii fte-serum antipodes worship-clinique ddml+ sudah benar tidak ya?

  4. bagshoes says:

    hi, mbak. Bgmn cara pakai antipodes serum (worship superfruit) ? Apakah langsung apply ke wajah atau serum perlu digosok di antara telapak tangan (rub between palms) spt serum Clarins ? Kmdn lmyn ribet juga kalo gak biasa pakai pipet.

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