The Bath Box Sugar for Deep Cleansing

I’m sorry for the #nopostfebruary, I seems to get the message mixed up about the #nobuyfebruary. Are you kidding me? Naturally, on my birthday month, I splurge on a lot of things and shop till I drop :p

Anyway, my first post after a full month of hiatus will be the cult favourite among the Indonesian reader (is it cult yet?) – The Bath Box Sugar Face Cleanser. Sugar is made fresh hence there’s only limited stock available at any given time and it’s not available all the time on The Bath Box website. I’m not sure this is due to the fact that they can store it too long so they prefer the pre-order mechanism or some kind of marketing gimmick. It’s a smart one I must say if it is the latter.

Since a lot of people seems to be anticipating for this review I want to get two things straight first: the facts and the cons. So that I get all of them out of the way before I get into the good stuff. There are some, no worries girls.

The fact: it’s a preservative free and all natural gentle green tea cleanser. But not only that, it’s packed with kaolin clay, which I suspect is a green clay because the combination of clay and green tea alone will not be able to make the cleanser this green. It’s gentle, non drying and great for everyday cleanser – second or morning cleanser – or you can just use it whenever you think you need an extra deep cleansing without the help of a mask. It contains raw sugar granule for mild exfoliant.

Ingredients are as follows:

Kaolin, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Camellia Leaf, Vegetable Glycerin, Sucrose, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Tocopherol.

The cons: I have a big beef with the fact that they’re using raw sugar that  feels coarse on my palms. If you’re not careful about this and doesn’t use it correctly, the product will do more harm than good creating a micro tear on your skin because the edges of the sugar granule is not round and coarse. Secondly, it’s quite odd using green clay as a cleanser because among all clay, the green one seems to be leaving a nasty stain on the skin that needs a thorough cleansing.

Now the good stuff!

Despite all of the above this is actually a good cleanser. It’s Rp 90,000 for 50 gram and should be used frequently once you get ahold of it because the shelflife will only lasts for about a month to 45 days, if I remember correctly. It’s still a very affordable cleanser for a deep cleansing purposes that seriously pack a punch. Eventhough getting this could be quite a hassle – waiting for the preorder to open etc – but it’s not as hard as getting other skincare that isn’t available in Indonesia and ordering it through your favourite seller.

Considering the coarse granule I really make sure that I dilute the sugar so it’s softer by rubbing the product between my palms with hot water for about a good 30s or more until it soften up. I will then apply the product to my face and no trace of coarse sugar granule left by that time, and I will wait for about 5 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

I love that it smells of essential oil. It feels very relaxing. I love it even more that after using it my skin doesn’t feel drying and it feel soft.

I would recommend this to anyone needing a deep cleansing cleanser that is easily available in Indonesia.

As for myself, I’m unsure whether I will repurchase this or not because one I need to wait until it’s back online. Secondly, I need to finish it up quite fast and I have alot of opened cleansers on rotation.

The Bath Box Sugar for Deep Cleansing

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