If you’re into jamu slash spa-like scent, you’ll love Hallelujah Cleanser!

I started with one little starter pack of Antipodes skincare and it’s now spiralling out of control. I don’t think I will come across a product from this brand that I will not love. But I haven’t tried everything, so there’s still 50% chance that I might find something that I don’t like. But now is the time to talk about yet another product that I love.

The product that I’m going to review today is the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser. I got this from Benscrub and it retails for Rp 549,000. This is a PR sample that I got from the lovely Ben, but I have to pick the product that I want so I don’t end up with a product that is not suited for my skin or I don’t like. Perfect arrangement.


Before I begin my review let me tell you about the scent. It’s STRONG! It needs to written in caption because it’s that strong. It reminds me of the scent of Indonesian jamu and all the traditional spices. But if you’re into the natural spices spa scent, than you’ll have no problem with the scent. I know some people who might be put off simply by the scent. On top of that, the scent kind of lingers long after you wash your cleanser.

This is a cream cleanser that is packed in a glass bottle with pump dispenser. The other cleanser that they have, Juliette cleanser, is packed in a regular plastic bottle with flip top cap. I don’t know why they need the glass bottle, but it might be something got to do with the ingredient. With that said, it’s really not wise to bring this anywhere with you when you’re travelling. That’s why it always sit pretty on my bathroom. Looking posh and snob.

As I said the scent is strong. The texture is a thick cream but not buttery. You will need one full pump for the whole face. Apply it on a clean face and massage it thoroughly. I will leave it for couple of minutes while I do my showering routine and wash it off with water.

I use it as a second cleanser or a morning cleanser. I love that it’s great even when I feel really oily in the morning because I layered on too much oil the night before. The cream also leaves my skin supple and moist. I especially love using it at night because the scent is therapeutic. I also sometime use it as a massage cream solely because of the scent.

Why do you need to pay extra for this cream cleanser? It has a nice weight to the cream, not too buttery nor milky. It leaves your skin extra soft and moist. If you love the scent, it’s amazing.

I will compare it to the likes of Goodness every day cleanser, Trilogy cream cleanser and Frank Body cream cleanser. All they have in common is that they’re all too milky and light. This one has more weight. But if you’re not into the strong jamu scent, pick one out the three I mentioned instead.

How is it different than Juliette? This is obviously cream and Juliette is non-soapy face cleanser that you want to use with a little bit of water. It’s also a little bit gel-ish in texture. Juliette scent is sweet and mild. To each their own. Both are good products.

If you’re into jamu slash spa-like scent, you’ll love Hallelujah Cleanser!

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