My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

Let me give you a bit of a break from all the cleanser craze review. I have been putting the review of this night cream for the longest time. Not that I’ve completely out of it, I think it’s a must. Merumaya is a British brand – made and from – by Maleka Dattu whose said to be at the cornerstone of the launch of Lancome Genefique. Exciting product that one.

The promise of Merumaya is to deliver effective product. Which means it will do what it’s written in the box. I’m particularly intrigued by this because after trying out their cleansing balm, which is to me among one of my Holy Grails, the love scent kind of stick on me. I was completely bought in to the whole effective skincare mumbo jumbo simply by that lovely cleanser.

As luck would have it, the lovely team from Merumaya contacted me and they deliver this to my doorstep. To be precise, to my friend’s doorstep in Singapore, because we all know the custom nightmare in Indonesia.

I would love to explain to you in detail what this Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream that I’m about to review all about. But Maleka explained it better than I will ever do justice to it here. You’re forewarned that it’s going to get a little bit scientific. But after viewing the video you’ll be confidence that she truly knows what she’s talking about. A woman after my own heart – truly know the in and out of skincare ingredients.

Here’s the basic first. The product is housed in an airtight pump bottle which makes hygienic issue nonexistent. It also make everything simple for application. One full pump is all I need for the whole face and neck. I don’t however like the fact that I can’t peek into what’s left inside the bottle because it’s wrapped in sticker containing product information. I can peel it off so that I can peek and see what’s left of it.

The cream is pale white and it has the same distinctive signature scent of Merumaya product that I’m beginning to love and miss every night.

Obviously, this is used during the night to wrap up everything. Unsure of how I pair it up with other skincare? Checkout #deszellskincarearsenal on my Instagram feed and get enlightened.

Since Maleka already talked thoroughly on the video regarding the ingredient I don’t want to analyse much into them. Basically what I love about this product is because it’s cream, not heavy nor light but it doesn’t feel tacky on my skin after applying it. Everything seems to seeped inside the skin directly and leaves a nice glossy matte finish. It’s however not a good idea to use it alone. Pair it with a serum and it will help to enhance in retaining the hydration of your serum . There are alot of good ingredient in this product but what I feel when I’m using this is that my skin moisture condition gets better with each use. Probably a wee bit on the volume and suppleness but again we’re talking about a cream. I wouldn’t expect much repair and expect more from the serum.

Which is why, because I’m so happy with this product, I also purchase the serum AND the day cream. I’m officially obsessed.

With that said, if you have the means to get this product, at £33.50 for 30ml it’s a really decent product and a great way to get into the foray of anti ageing early. Great addition for those already on the mid 20’s or late 20’s and want an anti ageing cream that is not too watery nor rich yet doesn’t want to delve into serum yet. Go get this.

My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

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