BHA Serum that I can’t live without from AM PM

When I go to a country and buried myself in the cornucopia of products in their drugstore aisle examining every ingredient on the list to find the next best thing, something bound to happen. On my trip to Kuala lumpur mid last year I found the Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion by chance. Again, end of last year, Kuala Lumpur unearthed something special for me: AM PM BHA Serum!

The brand is under the same flag of Naruko, a Taiwanese brand that is created by Taiwanese beauty guru Nieur. You can say he’s the Taiwanese version of Paula Begoun. He’s often spotted on TV endorsing beauty products and instantly they’re flying off the shelves the next day. The good thing about the brand is they’re paraben-free, artificial colouring free, fragrance free and not subjected to animal testing. To be honest the price point is somewhat sweet as well, mostly under RM 100. This particular serum set me back RM 79.


Considering the price, I didn’t go all to scientific on this one and snatched it right away. It’s tested at pH 4, which borderlining to inefficient when you’re talking about acid. Safe to have it lower than that. The BHA is not that concentrated. But what’s so good about is that because the pH is not too low, it’s not irritating nor drying. It feels like you’re not wearing any acid at all. Even no tingling.

But you know what? It’s effective. As we all know BHA is good for oily skin or when you’re having acne because it could go deep into the pores past those sebum and bacteria and work its way to do what acid does better. As such, in several occasions that I used this, it successfully take my cystic acne and acne into full bloom much faster and dries it like a dream. It also doesn’t dry out my skin. At. All.

Now, I don’t have oily skin or acne prone skin. So I gave a share bottle to couple of my friends. They love it. They said that their acne instantly sprout out and heal faster. Now that’s a good thing right?

Unfortunately this good bottle only available in Malaysia and Singapore.

I like to use this alone after double cleansing and double toning (I still do exfoliating toner because this feels mild) and put this on top and nothing else.

OR I sandwich it with an oil afterward. I waited for about an hour before putting on my oil.

BHA Serum that I can’t live without from AM PM

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