Inexpensive cream cleanser from Goodnes

Amidst being a new player in the skincare industry, Goodness curated small selection of products have gain many strong followers because their products are inexpensive and exceed the expectation in terms of performance versus price.  The first product that I got from this brand was their Chia Seed Oil, which is the centre piece of their star ingredients. I was blown away by how good the texture are and result on my skin by merely only paying AUD 20 for this oil. I was pretty curious about the rest of the range, but moisturiser is not in my option of to-buy list because it will take sometime to finish. So I snatched the Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser instead. It’s priced for AUD 16.99 for 150 ml!

First of all, I love the simple packaging with just a hint of tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick in the way they presented the information on the packaging.


The full ingredients list can be seen on the picture above. I have to warn you though, considering this an all natural ingredients and some of the ingredients contain elements of essential oil that might work on one skin and might not work on another, there’s still a 50:50 chance that this product might not work for you. Know what essential oil work and might not work for you and check against the ingredient list. For me, I have so far haven’t found an essential oil that doesn’t work for my skin. Except for high concentration of Argan oil.

How to use it

The packaging says to apply this on a wet face. This is a big no! I never ever apply my cleanser on a wet face because the cleanser will have no grip to the skin and will not be able to cleanse the grime and dirt on your face thoroughly. Instead it will just slid off easily because of the water. Especially when it’s a cream cleanser that turns milky easily when it comes to contact with water.

When to use it

Unfortunately this isn’t lethal enough to use as a first cleanser or makeup remover. I use this as second cleanser or morning cleanser.

My verdict

I love that the texture is creamy and milky, it has a nice green scent that doesn’t really linger as long as the Antipodes Hallelujah cleanser. I will reach this for when I don’t want a cleanser that have a strong scent. Also, Antipodes Hallelujah cleanser is far more expensive than this one so I tend to reach for this one on daily basis. Of course, in terms of overall product feel and result I love the Antipodes Hallelujah better than this one. But considering the price this is a very comfortable cream cleanser that glides on easily on the face and feel really good afterward. It keeps my face hydrated and able to cleanse thoroughly. If you’re looking for inexpensive cream cleanser, and you don’t like something to creamy or thick, than this one is for you.

Check out the note and doodles inside the packaging, it’s so cute!

The texture of the product is milky white. Sorry, I will try to take better picture next time and remember to take the product photo when there’s actually still plenty of product left in the bottle not when they’re finished.

Inexpensive cream cleanser from Goodnes

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